World Smart City Coin (WSCC) launched as a “tuyere” for smart city construction

September 07 00:18 2019

While enjoying the many conveniences brought by the era of big data digital economy, the application of intelligent urban management technology is constantly emerging. For the public, the “Smart city” is no longer a strange new word. Nowadays, the construction of smart cities in China is in full swing, and the future direction and implementation path of how intelligent applications color life has become a hot topic.


The people of the future are the community of destiny; the city of the future is an ecological complex.

WSCC, World Smart City Coin, which was born to provide decentralized planning and application for smart cities, has successfully broken through many excellent projects. It is inextricably linked with its team capabilities and strategic planning.

WSCC brings together a team of talents with both vitality and strength, attracting experienced practitioners in the blockchain and technology developers with rich operations. WSCC was developed by Zhao Dong, the founder of DFund Fund, and led by Ant Financial to develop a platform using quantum computers. The main job of WSCC is building a blockchain transaction ecosystem with actual business scenarios, and using blockchain decentralization features to achieve value transfer, as well as application services that provide distributed ledgers. We will continue to provide the latest technologies and solutions for the future decentralized smart city construction so that the application of the blockchain technology is no longer an empty talk.

To reach the founding goal of WSCC, the project team evolved the digital currency financial system into a smart ecosystem and extended it to the underlying industrial chain, value chain, and ecological chain. At the same time, it cooperates with various financial institutions and entity industries to create a circular and intelligent economic system with economic development, value reshaping, people-oriented, consumption promotion, and harmonious unity. WSCC has built a comprehensive infrastructure for the data economy, enabling many commercial applications to provide users with quality products and services based on the global smart city currency WSCC. Meanwhile, it will provide small, medium and small enterprises with completely different solutions from previous centralized exchanges.

Today, smart, secure, connected and future smart cities are considered to be utopian worlds. With the trend of cutting-edge technology constantly changing the times, everything will be possible. WSCC might be the new “tuyere” of smart city construction.

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