DATAM’s Proof of Carbon Reduction Reward Currency, eDEL is Listing on DIGIFINEX

September 07 00:30 2019

Global cryptocurrency exchange DIGIFINEX made an announcement that on September 9, 2019 the DATAM (DATA M LIMITED), which specializes in developing Proof of Carbon Reduction; PCR blockchain platforms, will be listed.

DATAM, well known as a technology powerhouse that leading domestic player in automobile operation information of big data monitoring technology since 2006, secured patent technology for big data source in July 2017 and registered seven blockchain technology-based patents related to carbon reduction platforms.

DATAM is on the highlight of several cryptocurrency exchanges leading a global project in Laos and Vietnam with its long experience for 15 years, strong technological background, and business model of public and private utility.

DATAM is leading a success overseas, say, the national project approved by the Laos government for the first time in the market on the 23rd January; and the smart public transportation policy with eco-friendly electric BRT run by the Ho Chi Minh authorities in Vietnam on the 7th June.

Especially, the Carbon Reduction Proof Technology Convergence Project, announced by DATAM on 30th of last month, is expected to play a favorable factor in raising corporate value, which will have a significant impact on the rise in EDEL market prices.

DATAM is pushing ahead with pursuing a CDM-certified global joint venture through a mutual cooperation system by the discovery and fusion of domestic and foreign green technologies that can trade carbon emissions.

CEO of DATAM Young-Cheol LEE said, “Despite the current poor settings of the international market, my company is running forward in order to set an example in the global market getting cutting-edge technologies for the environmental energy together which feasibly prove a reduction of carbon emissions. The World Bank estimates 3.5 trillion USD (4,000 trillion won) of the 2020 global market for carbon emission right trade and the carbon reduction becomes one of the universal goals and the human survival. So, the DATAM’s blockchain to prove a carbon deduction is going to play a crucial role than any others.”

CEO James LEE (James LEE) serves as an operating member of Climate Chain Coalition (CCC) supported by the UNFCCC and two key researchers of DATAM registered as a member of the association are enrolled in a research team within CCC.

He added, “one eDEL is rewarded for the one-ton carbon deducted. Namely, one eDEL has the same price as that of one-ton carbon emission right and it should be the cryptocurrency standard for all carbon deductions. DATAM’s blockchain is designed to come up with the price rise of carbon emission rights and the scale of the concerned infrastructures in the PCR platform by getting harder to mind eDELs and raising its value. So eDELs are to stand at the frontline of cryptocurrency market very soon.”

Meanwhile, DIGIFINEX is the main exchange for digital assets around the world and not only has many members but it is also the world’s best market for daily digital currency transactions.

Given the fact that many cryptocurrency currencies have been successfully listed and performed on the exchange, listing of eDEL is also expected to receive high interest and expectations.

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