Dreams Are No Longer Only A Useless Phenomena – Dreams Are Being Used To Resolve Arguments And Find Answers To Everyday Problems!

September 09 22:33 2019
Dreams Are No Longer Only A Useless Phenomena - Dreams Are Being Used To Resolve Arguments And Find Answers To Everyday Problems!

September 09, 2019 – Many believe that dreams are simply something that happens to us when we sleep, perhaps when we have something on our mind that is bothering us. There are many books on how to interpret our dreams which of course goes back to biblical times with Joseph interpreting the Egyptian Pharaoh and it can be exciting to imagine that our dreams could come true!  It would be pretty far-fetched for many of us to think that a dream is anything more than just that.

However one Melbourne lady, Emma Woolrich, now dubbed the ‘Dream Queen’, who educates and challenges Australians to take more notice of their dreams, is proving that dreams are so much more and in fact, a dream is anything but random and is something a person can control and can be used to influence the way someone respond to life’s everyday occurrences.  

“There is so much power within a dream – they are an untapped resource and overlooked simply because we don’t understand them and little is known about them. We can in fact proactively seek solutions to problems we face in our waking life,” explains Emma.

And with the amount of time we spend asleep, or would like to sleep, it kind of makes sense that maybe there is more to a dream than a nice to have;

  • An average human spends approximately six years of their life dreaming.
  • Within five minutes of waking, most of the dream is forgotten and within ten minutes, 90% of the dream is forgotten.
  • The general guide is adults require between 7-9 hours of sleep per day

Emma is showing Aussies how to figure out everyday problems from ‘Where did I put my keys, through to ‘How can I fix a family feud’ by using their dreams and she contests that anyone can learn how to do this.

Emma goes on to say:

“Most people are looking to interpret random dreams they have experienced usually caused by subconsciously suppressed emotions attached to a situation either recently, or a very long time ago.  Your body is using this ‘downtime’ to try to make sense of what took place, or you ‘thought’ took place.  We can actually take a more proactive approach to our dreams and make use of them by choosing the topic we want to dream about to specifically provide answers to something we have been struggling with”.

Emma stumbled across this rather odd phenomenon quite by accident when she lay in bed and decided she would consciously dream about fixing her health as she had been struggling with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  

“I recognised our sleeping hours were actually more important than we gave them credit for – sleeping was not merely a time to rest and a necessity. Imagine if you could consciously choose what you could dream about during your sleep and that it could have some effect on your actions during the day”, says Emma.

So, Emma set about exploring this idea and created a five-step process to not only help people remember dreams, but to actively choose what they were going to dream about to provide direction and solutions to everyday problems the following day and as a consequence, also discovered how this process began to assist those who struggled to sleep in the first place due to stress, overwhelm and a poor bedtime routine.

For information on how you can use your own dreams to fix everyday issues or improve your sleep quality contact Emma Woolrich – +61 411 404966 www.lifesymmetry.com.au

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