Tech Firm Launched Indiegogo Campaign Geared Towards Bringing Hover-Boards and Flying Cars to Reality

November 19 18:03 2019

Forever Lucid, an innovative San Francisco-based tech startup, is soon to come up with hoverboards and flying cars that run on renewable energy. In line with this, the company has started a crowdfunding campaign in order to bring their idea to life. The team is projected to deliver their final prototypes by the early quarter of 2020.

Driven by the mission to introduce eco-friendly flying vehicles to the world, Forever Lucid is working on a revolutionary hoverboard named ‘Model OTIS’ and an electronic flying vehicle that will help people wade through packed traffic situations easier and faster than ever before.

“Traffic is getting worse by the day. How can you use your time productively if 60% of it is spent being stuck in never-ending traffic jams? Such a crisis often leaves us longing for hoverboards and flying cars we saw on Sci-fi films growing up. Are they actually possible in the real world? In answer to this, Forever Lucid is coming up with the first models of hoverboards and electronic flying vehicles,” stated Ian Schranze, CEO at Forever Lucid.

“Our team is hard at work to bring our vehicles to life by early next year. Using these revolutionary hoverboards and flying cars will make everyday travel easier.”

According to Schranze, the vehicles run on asymmetrical capacitor thrusters that emit high-voltage pulses to turn the utopian fantasy of hoverboards and electric flying vehicles into reality.

The Forever Lucid team is comprised of engineers and physicists with varying expertise. Schranze himself specializes in electric propulsion while the project’s lead consulting engineer used to work on the Saturn V rocket for the historic Apollo program.

“We are looking forward to a greener planet with our silent, eco-friendly flying vehicles. It’s just the thing that we all have been waiting for since our childhood. Robust funding is needed to bring this ambitious project to life. Your generous support on our crowdfunding campaign will enable us to complete our project and make transportation easy for everyone.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive discounts on hoverboards and electric flying vehicles from Forever Lucid.

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