Anna TeRaki, International Business Coach, Helps Women Launch & Scale Their Coaching Businesses To 6 Figures and Beyond

September 15 14:22 2020
Anna TeRaki, International Business Coach, Helps Women Launch & Scale Their Coaching Businesses To 6 Figures and Beyond

When a business is done right, you can manifest a fortune!

Coaching is life-changing. It is irrefutable. Coaching impacts people from all walks are life. Because many think that coaching brings easy money, several people start referring themselves as coaches expecting immediate success.  For, Anna TeRaki, it all began when she experienced a burning desire deep inside to be a successful entrepreneur after excelling as a stay home mom.  She wanted the same success in her business to realize her own dream, not someone else’s. She set out into the business world with the same bravado she had faced everything with. She fell on her face many times before she accepted that whilst being a successful entrepreneur is simple, it’s NOT easy. She had a standard upbringing, enjoyed life to the full, did what she wanted, and owned the consequences of her decisions. She met the love of her life as a teenager, dropped out of high school, and became a mother at the age of 19. She’s still going strong today as a mom-entrepreneur. She failed at cleaning business and multi-level marketing. Armored with lessons learned from the failure of the first cleaning business, Anna figured that she would be successful with the second time around. Her assumptions were proven wrong. For the first time in her life, she was scratching her head thinking what went wrong? She had been successful a few years back as a Digital Marketing Consultant, getting her clients the expected results as expected. She realized that she was working on someone else’s dream!

In 2019 she transitioned to Coaching because she wanted to work WITH people, not FOR people. She failed initially but took off like a rocket when she coached with Richmond Dinh. She developed strategies and mindset skills that worked perfectly with her business desires. She reached six-figure income within 8 months. Even in the midst of pandemic chaos, she experienced freedom as she doubled her income. She is passionate about unlocking the freedom for other women. She co-founded The Female Coaching Academy with her business partner Alison Burnett (The Courage Coach) because she believes that there are power and success in nurturing relationships with like-minded women. The program helps women get to 10K in 90 days producing brilliant results, with many participants moving into our High-end programs to now scale past 10K. The strategies she teaches are exactly the strategies that she applied to her coaching business.

“I have worked with Anna for a few months now. When I started out I already had clients but my aim was to reach a wider audience. After working with Anna my income has increased from $1.8k  a month to $7k per month. In the past 12 weeks, I have made over $20k and cannot wait to keep learning new techniques and growing even further.” – Marisabelle Bonnici, Binge Eating Coach for Women Malta 

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