Atech Recyclers Offers Responsible Computer Recycling Service In Melbourne

November 20 15:09 2020
Atech Recyclers Offers Responsible Computer Recycling Service In Melbourne

Moorabbin, VIC – Staying up to date with the latest technologies means getting new gadgets from time to time. With this, there is plenty of electronic waste to dispose of. However, many people are not aware of how to properly dispose of their e-waste and this causes the problem of junks and clutters. Atech Recyclers is addressing this problem by offering a responsible solution to laptop and electronic waste recycling.

“If you keep up to date with the latest technologies and upgrade your laptop every few years, then you may end up with an abundance of excess laptops taking up space in your cupboards. These older laptops may not hold any value for you anymore, but you legally can’t just throw them into landfills. In July 2019, the Victorian government banned the disposal of laptops and other e-waste through landfills, and these items are no longer shipped to China to be recycled. Our laptop recycling Melbourne service ensures your old laptops either get another chance at life or end up being stripped for their parts and recycled properly,” says the Atech Recyclers representative.

Members of the community whose homes or businesses are filled with old and unused laptop computers can get in touch with the Laptop Recycling experts. They will handle the process of repurposing such old electronics for schools or strip damaged laptops before they are recycled the proper way.

Laptop owners can rest assured that A Tech Computer Recycling guarantees the safety and protection of their privacy. The team triple wipes the devices before they are repurposed to ensure that client data remains private to them.

As experts at laptop recycling, Atech Recyclers offer destruction certificates upon request to customers.

In addition to its laptop recycling service, Atech Recyclers also offers a buy-back program for customers who are looking to liquidate or decommission a large quantity of e-waste. The company’s buy-back program is one where items with resale value are purchased from the customer. Atech Recyclers can collect the equipment and give a report on what has been collected and then make an offer or customers can send a list of what their organization has and Atech Recyclers will make an offer based on the list.

Enjoy free bulk collection service from Atech Recyclers. Visit the e-waste recyclers at Factory 10 288/286 Wickham Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189 AU, or call 0402 651 980 to request information on e-waste pickup. Atech Recyclers can be reached via its website or send an email to [email protected]

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