Tree Athletics Launches Sustainable Activewear

December 07 13:06 2020
This brand makes athletic clothing using recycled fabrics. It also plants a tree for every order.

Tree Athletics, a sustainable activewear brand, recently launched its clothing line of sports apparel for men and women. The company believes that it’s possible to make great products at a reasonable price while running a sustainable business. Tree Athletics takes every step possible to minimize fast fashion’s effect on the environment.

Tree Athletics started with the belief that people can reverse the harm done to the environment. Thus, the team behind the brand helps make a difference through the things they make, the platform they have, and the community they’ll create.

Sustainability is at the core of Tree Athletics’ business, from using recyclable packing materials to sourcing ethically from top manufacturers worldwide.

According to the team at Tree Athletics, 99% of online businesses use traditional single-use poly mailers. These are only used once, then end up in a landfill. Tree Athletics’ mailers are 100% compostable. This feature means they naturally decompose and leave behind no chemicals or waste. They can also be used several times if needed. The brand designed their whole packaging experience to be zero waste.

Tree Athletics also runs factories that use recycled materials. Some of the activewear they offer is made from recycled bottles that are repurposed into clothing. No chemicals or any harmful materials are used in any process of making their sports apparel.

Tree Athletics stresses that in the traditional fashion industry, a higher price point doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. Major distributors and clothing powerhouses rely on high markups to make a profit. By avoiding the middleman, the brand can offer affordable prices for their quality products.

Tree Athletics plants a tree for customer’s every order as part of its sustainability efforts. For more information on the brand, visit

About Tree Athletics

Tree Athletics is a sustainable activewear brand. It aims to minimize fast fashion’s effect on the environment for a better future.

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