NANNOCARE CEO reveals the key factors that helped them to achieve success

December 07 14:06 2020


Nannocare Inc. was formed in Los Angeles and is comprised of a group of inventors, doctors, scientists, product developers, and most importantly, those who are tired of dealing with crippling menstrual cramps.

The initial spark came when the founder’s girlfriend was in bed for days each month in agonizing pain caused by menstrual cramps. Her only relief was taking handfuls of pain medication that have known risk of side effects. This began the search for a natural, safe alternative to the options we have today.

Following years of development, NannoPad® was created with comfort in mind and created with elements that we expect in today’s day and age. Not only were we forward-thinking in how the pad is worn, but also with its functionality and innovation beyond the normal usage. The team at Nannocare is thinking differently and making an impact on the lives of millions of people globally. From one’s teenage years to menopause, we want to be a part of the user’s life and grow.

An Interview with NANNOCARE CEO 

To better understand the success of this great company, Media Coverage has asked some questions to NANNOCARE CEO.

Q: What differentiates NANNOCARE from competitors?

A: Nannocare dedication to innovation in this space and creating the most life-changing and comfortable pads on the market. The Nannogenic™ technology was developed to naturally help with menstrual discomfort and has been proven effective by users. Nannocare is also community-oriented, and it is proud to donate tens of thousands of products each year locally to homeless shelters and underprivileged campus. Nannocare has dedicated to building a community to empower and uplift each other.

Q: What problems NANNOCARE solves?

A: Innovation has been lacking in the personal-care industry, specifically regarding discomfort relief. Nannocare technology is proven to be effective by users, and its product is actually making a significant impact and increasing the quality of life for its users. Nannocare is also bridging disposable menstrual products and sustainability, utilizing biodegradable plastic packaging and 100% organic cotton. There is a long way to go, but Nannocare has been making progress step by step, and Nannocare believes that it’s influencing the industry as well.

Q: What Are Your 3 Biggest Accomplishments as NANNOCARE CEO?

A: Apart from finding the technology and product, Nannocare is very proud of the team that has been building as everyone is extraordinary; Nannocare’s team is determined, dedicated, and intelligent. The core values developed together for the company are truly unique and something to celebrate. The last thing would be the achievement the team has made with relatively limited resources compared with other startups, having Nannocare’s products in over 5000+ stores, including CVS pharmacies and the top retailers in each market of North America. All done within 16 months of launching, making Nannocare the fastest-growing fem-care product in-store expansion in 2019.

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