Val Douroux Offers Hope To Readers In Her Amazon Bestseller “Bae Need Jesus”

December 07 14:14 2020
Talented entertainer and first-time author, Val Douroux, shares her life experiences in “Bae Need Jesus,” as she seeks to inspire people to overcome challenges and succeed with the help of God

Val Douroux aims to be a source of inspiration to millions of people going through hard times in different parts of the globe with the release of her debut book titled “Bae Need Jesus.” The book doubles as a memoir, with the talented comedian sharing her life experiences with readers to show her struggles and motivate them to overcome any difficulty trusting in their abilities and God.

Millions of people worldwide face challenges that seem insurmountable, sometimes leading them to give up on ever trying. Over the years, several resources have been offered to help people in such situations, providing them with motivational tips and guides. Unfortunately, many of such resources are often abstract, with readers finding it difficult to relate to the content. However, Val Douroux is looking to change this narrative by personifying the experience and offering hope to people, irrespective of their present condition.

Val Douroux chronicles her heartfelt story of drugs, addiction, perseverance, and faith, as she aims to help people, especially during these difficult times. The author aims to motivate people to believe in themselves and stay away from temporal solutions that often cause more harm than good in the long run while trusting God for his faithfulness.

“Bae Need Jesus” touches on several contemporary life issues. The subjects covered include religion, dysfunctional families, and life across America, to empower readers and help them build a formidable relationship with God. The book recounts Val’s rollercoaster life journey that include frequent drug use, familial struggles, and transitioning from apathy in God and distrust of the Church to a thriving relationship with her Mormon faith.

The book is launched in line with Val Douroux’s goal of sharing her voice, letting the light shine on hardships, and standing up as “The voice of a generation.”

For more information about “Bae Need Jesus” and other projects from the “electric comedian,” please visit – Val Douroux can also be found across social media, including Instagram and Facebook.

About Val Douroux

Val Douroux is popularly known as a standup comedian performing at The World Famous Comedy Store, Ice House Pasadena, and Orlando Improv. Described as a “Leader of the free world,” Val uses all available platforms to reach millions of people, sharing her sensational journey through life to inspire them to greatness. She is also the Executive Producer of Electric Comedy Night and the writer and director of Concise Focus.

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