Squeaky Clean Feet Now Available For Pre-Order on Kickstarter

December 07 14:28 2020
Brother and sister team launch Squeaky Clean Feet, America’s first luxury aquatic foot care solution, to provide a thorough clean and help in preventing several feet ailments

Squeaky Clean Feet has been described as “the world’s first luxury aquatic foot care solution,” and the product is currently available on Kickstarter for pre-order. The innovative foot care solution was created by two young entrepreneurs and inventors to provide a thorough clean and help in the prevention of a number of foot ailments. The product is also engineered to help reduce the hazards of balancing on one foot while cleaning the other.

One of the major challenges faced by millions of people in America and other parts of the globe is cleaning the feet thoroughly. Over the years, several products have emerged from different brands to solve this challenge. However, many such solutions do not meet the needs of users, which is where the Squeaky Clean Feet team is looking to make a difference with the newly launched product.

Squeaky Clean Feet offers a wide range of features and benefits to users, with the revolutionary patent-pending product combining three powerful technologies to keep the feet clean and revitalized. The user-friendly product is designed to address the heel, sole, ankle, sides, top, and even hard to reach places, like between the toes.

Features and benefits of the complete foot cleaning solution include textured exfoliation discs for quick and effective removal of flaky or dry skin, deep relaxation with several relaxing strategically placed and shape massaging mounds to relax and relieve muscle fatigue, and built-in securing suction cups for safety.

The foot cleaning tool ultimately brings the relaxation of a spa to the home, gently cleansing the feet with a back-and-forth motion and thousands of ultra-soft scrubbers to ensure superior cleanliness.

Made from an antimicrobial material to reduce the chances for mildew to occur, Squeaky Clean Feet comes with an exfoliation station, soap well, massaging mounds, longer scrubbers, quick release pull ring, and skid-resistant suction cups.

For more information about Squeaky Clean Feet and to pre-order the product, please visit Kickstarter.

About Squeaky Clean Feet

Squeaky Clean Feet was created by two young entrepreneurs and inventors. Inspired by Shark Tank, these siblings reviewed many avenues of creating a product or service to bring to market. The goal is to meet the needs of consumers looking for a foot cleaning, massaging, and exfoliating product.

Media Contact
Company Name: Squeaky Clean Feet, LLC.
Contact Person: Greg Carter
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Country: United States
Website: https://www.squeakycleanfeet.club/

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