Ladrillo Disrupts The Entertainment Scene With COVID-proof Virtual Clubbing

December 07 14:30 2020
Ladrillo Disrupts The Entertainment Scene With COVID-proof Virtual Clubbing
Brazilian music group, Ladrillo, keeps the world grooving amid COVID-19 pandemic with their virtual clubbing initiative

Ladrillo was founded as a musical group in 2020, led by talented music producer and guitarist Roger Sales, to include bassist Vlad Carvalho, and singer Bia Ropaf. The longtime friends came together to promote South American music, composing and producing songs during the quarantine. In a similar vein, the group has continued in the pursuit of entertaining the world, defying the coronavirus pandemic to create a unique clubbing experience to thousands of people across the globe from the comfort of their homes.

Ladrillo is a Spanish word that means “brick” in English, a reference to the South American cultural mosaic, which is often represented in the group’s music. The group has stayed true to their goal of celebrating the rich South American culture through Brazilian music, South America folkloric, and rhythms, presented in Caribbean tunes. The diversity and uniqueness of the style delivered by Ladrillo have stood them out in the industry, mesmerizing the audience with songs in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English.

The decision to launch the Twitch club was inspired by recent events around the coronavirus pandemic and the difficulty in clubbing. Consequently, the group decided to leverage the internet to create a COVID-proof place on Twitch. The virtual club focuses on South American music, with special Trance nights, helping people groove in the comfort of their homes while enjoying the feeling of clubbing.

The platform has provided six months of fantastic clubbing experience, creating a community with regular clubbers enjoying the virtual club every weekend, Friday and Saturday from 10 pm CET until at least 5 am CET. The club is also putting plans in place to open during the week as demand increases. 

The Bunker has a wide range of features, including a Discord server where clubbers can interact after closing time and avatars to offer a real-life clubbing experience, with everyone getting their own customizable avatar to play with. Clubbers also enjoy using chat commands such as order virtual drinks at the bartender, Trigger a confetti cannon, avatar customization, and fun little games to make the interaction more fun.

About Ladrillo

Ladrillo is a musical group from São Paulo (Brazil) formed in 2020. The group released their first single in November to a warm reception across different digital platforms. The band is set to release a new single and planning a tour in the Americas, Europe, and Asia in 2021.

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