Alice Wilson’s Life and New Book on Playing the Piano by Ear Shows Music’s Healing Power over Mental Diseases

December 07 16:56 2020

December 7, 2020 Alice Wilson’s debut work, “Unveiling The Secret of Playing Gospel Music By Ear” is a marvel for anyone wanting to learn to play the piano and realize their dreams. What’s more, Alice’s life and work shine new light on how the piano could even help in cases of schizophrenia.

Published by Clayton Communications and Publishing, Inc., “Unveiling The Secrets Of Playing Gospel Music By Ear” by Alice Wilson is a majestic work for beginners to learn, step-by-step, to play the piano by hearing. The guide is intended for those who know nothing about a piano keyboard and then proceed to learn all the steps needed to play gospel music. 

Since she was twelve, Alice had a great interest in learning to play the piano, but her grandparents could hardly afford it. Alice often felt discouraged, even gave up playing for a while, and then her disease happened. But the piano came to her rescue. After all, she knew that it was God’s gift to her. 

However, she found it difficult to match and bring together her self-learned skills with what she observed other musicians doing. After reaching out for help, Alice was turned down because the teachers couldn’t handle a student with her psychological disabilities. It happened twenty years ago that she finally found a young man who agreed to teach her. 

Ever since that day, I never turned away from playing the piano. Whenever I feel a mental episode coming on, I go to my piano and start playing,” shared Alice. 

Today, Alice is on a mission to motivate and inspire others with similar disabilities to never give up on their dreams! “God gave it to you. You can still achieve it,” says Alice. Though her life was interrupted by the diseases, Alice stuck to the divine plan for her and her dreams of playing the piano. 

Today, Alice confidently leads worship at her church, and of course, she plays the piano. By writing this book, Alice wants others to not miss out on the therapeutic powers of music, and become the musicians they have always wanted to be.

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