Proteinfull Baking launches the first-to-market, protein-fortified baking mix brand for seniors

December 08 14:36 2020
Proteinfull Baking helps seniors get more protein into their diets – deliciously!

Tempe, AZ, USA – Healthy Habits, the leader in all-natural nutritional products for seniors for the last 20 years, is excited to announce that they are launching a unique new protein fortified baking mix brand called Proteinfull Baking. This brand was created to provide a more healthful and delicious way to address the all too common problem of protein deficiency that many seniors struggle with today in their diets. Their first baking mix product will be available by Christmas 2020.

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As Peter Ballantine, the CEO of Healthy Habits noted “We’ve been devoted to serving our senior-aged customers since 2002, through a range of effective vitamins, minerals and other nutriments that are specifically formulated to combat the most common ailments tied to aging.  One common health concern that we’ve been researching for about a year now is protein deficiency.”

Independent reporting support this concern. The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging recently reported that as many as 46% of older people in the United States do not consume enough protein and it’s only getting worse. Mr. Ballantine added, “Proteinfull Baking is our way of offering a uniquely healthier way to increase your protein intake through delicious baked goods.”

In two separate studies following about 5,000 participants, the Newcastle Study in 2017 and the Framingham Study in 2018 found conclusively that the seniors who ate more protein were 30 percent less likely to become functionally impaired than those who ate lesser protein. Additionally, those who ate lesser protein than the recommended amount were almost twice as likely to have difficulty walking, climbing stairs, were more prone to falls, would lose muscle and bone mass at a much faster rate, have lower energy levels and experienced a reduced quality of life.

While there are numerous protein options available in the marketplace today, based on recent studies, it’s obvious that the current choices are not fulfilling the needs for all the seniors. As such, Healthy Habits decided to take a different path to addressing this issue by avoiding the typical protein powder and protein bar approach. Over the last 12 months, Healthy Habits worked in conjunction with industry leaders to develop the first ever senior-focused, protein-fortified baking mix brand, Proteinfull Baking. 

The first product being launched under the Proteinfull Baking brand is their “Classic Yellow” Premium Cake Mix. It delivers more than five times the protein and eight times the fiber of typical cake mixes while also delivering 160mg of ALA. And it does this with no gluten or artificial ingredients, while still delivering all of the taste and ease bakers are used to.

Proteinfull Baking manufactures these unique products in the USA at the BRC-registered and inspected facilities, which operate under strict quality control rules. These facilities are also Organic-Certified, and third-party audited for strict compliance.

While we’re not suggesting that Proteinfull Baking products are going to be the answer for all seniors to meet their entire protein intake goals, we are offering our unique products as another option to increase protein intake in a simple, incremental and delicious way,” stated Mr. Ballantine.  He concluded by adding that, “If you’re going to bake anyway, why not bake with healthier mixes that are just as tasty and moist, but that have positive health benefits as well?

About Proteinfull Baking:

Proteinfull Baking was launched in 2020 to offer the booming seniors market an alternative way to increase their protein intake by combining the joy of baking with more healthful and delicious baked goods options. Learn more at and on Facebook at

About Healthy Habits:

Healthy Habits, is a family owned business that was founded in 2002 as a customer-obsessed all-natural nutritional products brand focused on helping seniors live longer and healthier lives. They provide all-natural, effective products that deliver results at affordable prices – backed by unsurpassed customer support.

Based in Tempe, AZ., you can find Healthy Habits online at and on Facebook at:

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