5 Tips To Revamp Your Marketing Strategy From Engineer And Problem Solver, David Sandel

December 08 15:42 2020
5 Tips To Revamp Your Marketing Strategy From Engineer And Problem Solver, David Sandel

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David Sandel is revolutionizing the way small businesses approach their marketing strategy through his innovative, problem-solving methods. Originally from Wisconsin, David graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a degree in electrical engineering. Almost immediately, he realized that he lacked a passion for the industry and began to pursue additional side hustles. Over the next few years, David returned to his athletic roots, obtained his personal training certificate, and began coaching others, drawing upon years of collegiate football and powerlifting experience. 

Along the way, he developed an affinity for writing, content creation, and social media while attempting to market his services. Although his dreams of opening a gym never came to fruition, he had developed a valuable set of marketing skills. Despite mourning the loss of his personal training business, he still had a lucrative engineering career, so he brushed himself off and returned to his other passions of hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities. 

He began writing and creating content once more, but this time, it was purely for himself, and not tied to a larger business objective. As fate would have it, his writing and content began to take off and earn attention from multiple outdoor brands. Soon, he began freelance writing and providing social media services for these brands. 

By 2014, David had saved enough money to pursue his lifelong dream of buying and fixing up a van to live and travel in. He took the leap, quit his lucrative engineering job, and dove head-on into building out the van. Just as he finished the van and was preparing to embark on the journey he’d spent years planning for, David was struck with the realization that for the first time in 8 years, he finally had more than a week of vacation time to travel internationally. Before he knew it, he was parking the van and booking a one-way ticket to Thailand. He spent the next 3.5 months traveling through Thailand, where he met his current girlfriend who was on holiday from Spain. 

David returned to the states and began his van journey, but never lost touch with the woman who had captured his attention. Over the next two years, the pair endured a long-distance relationship, visiting one another as frequently as possible while David lived his van-life dreams, traveling around the country, mountain biking, climbing, snowboarding, and freelance writing. 

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In 2016, David embarked on a planned short-term visit to Spain and never looked back. Shortly after making the move, David began to focus all his attention on his marketing career, enrolled in multiple courses, built upon years of marketing experience, and taught himself all he could about marketing, system automations, and integrations. Not long after, Low Gravity Solutions, David’s full-service marketing agency was born. 

5 years later, David is still living in Spain with his girlfriend and has helped countless small businesses develop marketing systems that yield results. David points to his background in engineering and his passion for technical climbing as the foundation for his love of problem-solving. “Clients are typically blown away, by how far I’ll go to solve their problems,” David chuckles. Although David offers a variety of services, each package is entirely customizable to the individual clients’ wants and needs. From email marketing, web design, search engine optimization, blogging, and advertising, David has a package to suit every business. He approaches each project with a solution-oriented mindset, “I just love solving problems. Ultimately every marketing issue is just a puzzle. Not unlike a difficult climbing wall or engineering problem. With each challenge, there are ways to fix it, there are solutions, we just have to find out how.” 

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According to David, marketing objectives should be clear, attainable, and outcome-oriented. Today, David shares his top 5 tips for small businesses looking to start or revamp their marketing systems and strategies. 

1. Make the website the hub of the business. Create a website that people can easily navigate and enjoy spending time on. When it’s up and running, drive marketing efforts back to the website. Once there, keep visitors on the website as long as possible, remember, 9/10 times this is where the sale or conversion happens! 

2. Develop a personality for the brand. The brand’s personality gives people a reason to connect with you. Any opportunity available to further the brand personality, take it! The brand personality is what will differentiate it from competitors and is what keeps customers coming back. 

3. Reverse engineer the customer experience. When working with a new client, David spends as much time as needed, to get to know the brand and their customers, evaluate their systems, see what is working, and what could be improved upon. Before beginning a marketing strategy, it is important to set goals, identify current customers, and pinpoint ideal customers. From their ad copy to their brand voice, to their posting times, they should analyze what they are doing well and what’s yielding results, then take a good hard look at the techniques that miss the mark. 

4. Make the business about the customer’s wants and needs. Single owner companies often are guilty of building a company in their own image. They focus so heavily on the company or the product being used the way they want it to be used that they don’t realize it’s not resonating with customers. “Recognize that people don’t care about you, they care about themselves,” explains David, “Even if you have the greatest idea, you have to be flexible to what your customer wants and position your company in a way that addresses those needs.”

5. Create a Google My Business Account. Often overlooked or seen as of little importance, creating a GMB account and putting the business on the map has further reaching advantages. “Not only do you show up on Google Maps and searches on Google Maps, but it also helps with SEO rankings and gives you another channel when creating your Google CPC ads”, says David. 

David recognizes that many small businesses have the desire to build a marketing strategy that yields return, but may simply lack the time, resources, and knowledge to execute. After all, business owners typically prefer to spend their time doing what they love: building the product or service they created. In doing so, marketing and back-end systems may fall to the wayside. That’s where David and his team at Low Gravity Solutions come in, because that’s what they love to do. “We can solve even your biggest marketing problems. You may not have the time or desire to learn everything there is to know about digital marketing but if you hire us, you can trust that we’ll get the job done and your problems will be solved in the most efficient manner possible.”

To inquire about David and Low Gravity Solution services and to book a free consultation call, visit https://lowgravitysolutions.com/.


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