Two Recessions In 12 Years, This Millennial Commercial Real Estate Broker Shows How To Make It Through

December 08 16:57 2020

Kelsey Diller is a Seattle based commercial real estate agent and broker with 10+ years of experience navigating the often tumultuous waters of buying and selling commercial real estate.

Originally from Salem, OR, Diller was raised by two entrepreneurial parents who taught her the value of hard work. The fourth generation real estate broker on her mother’s side, Diller has had exposure to the industry since just 5 years old. She grew up learning about construction from her father, an experience that would prove incredibly valuable later in her career. 

Married at just 19, Diller has never shied away from hard work, and before she had graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a Business degree, she and her husband had already saved enough to purchase their first home. Postgrad, Diller began her career working alongside her father as a development contractor. When the market crash of 2008 rocked Seattle, alongside the rest of the nation, Diller was forced to recalibrate and rethink her career path. She decided to follow the generations of real estate agents before her and obtained her license. 

Within 2 years, Diller had amassed tremendous experience, fallen in love with real estate, and established her own brokerage. She interviewed about 2 brokers a day, scrubbed the office toilets and held training meetings while closing her own deals, supervising brokers deals and overseeing company development. Her company and her team of employees meant everything to her, but she failed to scale fast enough inside of the next six years. She should have had 100 brokers by the time she reached 50. Looking back, Diller has no regrets even though closing was a heartbreaking experience, it would ultimately pave the way for her present success. She and her brokerage closed over $200,000,000 in sales.

By overseeing each transaction, the sheer volume gave Diller an enormous amount of experience. Buried beneath nearly a quarter-million in business operations debt, Diller was shocked to discover she was pregnant. Her husband and her were thrilled at the prospect of having their first child, she felt overwhelmed but continued to throw herself head-on into paying off her debt and figuring out her next steps. While the decision to go out solo was harrowing to say the least, it allowed her to exclusively focus on her client’s goals and provide the highest level of service possible. Two years later, Diller has paid off her debt, has ample savings and is the mother to an adorable 15-month-old daughter. 

When COVID-19 rocked the nation in March, Diller originally feared the worst. For nearly two months, Diller admits that she did not see a single sale. She was forced to go on unemployment and found herself questioning her family’s ability to survive another recession. However, according to Diller, the previously dead market experienced a massive uptake in June and she and her team have been almost impossibly busy over the last 4 months. 

Suddenly, the demand for industrial commercial real estate space had soared, over 1,800% in Pierce County alone while other sectors of Commercial have plummeted. Diller began her marketing shift to meet the market and focused on Industrial. “Learning to Pivot to meet the market is essential for business survival,” says Diller. Prior to 2020, most businesses had operated within a traditional warehouse model and kept a minimal amount of product on the shelves. Midway through the year, however, this all shifted. 

“We are presently seeing a new model that resembles that of the early 1970s, before the Just-in-Time Supply Chain went into effect, now businesses are electing to store large quantities of product on the shelves,” explains Diller. 

The result is a nearly unquenchable demand for industrial storage space. Although unexpected, this surprising impact of COVID-19 is excellent news for the Seattle economy. 

“We need a fervor of activity as we continue to grow and rebuild the national economy,” says Diller. 

If you’re a business owner that went through the roller coaster crashes of ’08 and ’20 and you’re exhausted, Diller encourages you to dwell on a quote from Michael Jordan that has seen her through some very trying times, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.” 

“Failure is required for success and if you’ve failed now you are in position to succeed next,” says Kelsey Diller. 

Never in her wildest dreams did Diller think she would set a personal career record for sales in the ‘Covid’ year of 2020. 

Today, Diller looks forward to partnering with new commercial clients as the nation enters into a new era of real estate. For anyone looking to purchase or invest in commercial real estate, Kelsey Diller is the logical choice. Her background in construction provides her with a distinct advantage, specifically due to her deeper understanding of the costs, time implications, and impact of the construction needs that are outlined on inspection reports. Furthermore, the sheer amount of management projects that Diller has overseen in the last decade are greater than many have agents experienced in their entire career. These experiences have also equipped her with an extensive understanding of the court system, which enables her to better advise her clients and avoid potential legal obstacles. Finally, Diller is not afraid to employ her competitive edge. She never fails to go above and beyond for clients, investing in marketing to ensure each listing receives the proper exposure and fervently following up with leads. Last month she put a commercial building on the market and after 62 days where other brokers had the chance to make the sale, Diller brought the buyer and closed the deal. 

Simply put, “I consistently meet the needs of my clients, simply because I am willing to do whatever needs to be done”- Kelsey Diller.


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