Improving Oneself And The Planet – New Meal App Will Plant 1 Tree For Each New Member

December 08 22:42 2020
FitLope’s team doesn’t believe in diets. They believe in the ability of people to adopt better habits over time and to improve the quality of life. That’s why they don’t focus on dieting, but on changing routines. And for every new app member FitLope plants a tree!

Healthy meal planning, workout, water intake. Those are the only habits you need to reach the goals set so many times, and probably given up on so many times. With the fresh new desktop application FitLope, it is surprisingly easy to follow, and implement the program accustomed to one’s goals and health guidelines. Lose weight fast, gain weight, or just keep it. Individuals can set their goals, insert the parameters of their health in the app, wait a few seconds, and an adjusted program is ready. FitLope is made to simplify, not additionally complicate one’s efforts for life improvements.

They say that good planning is half-done, and FitLope is driven by the desire to make these steps meaningful and compelling. Ready menus for the whole family, workout plan and so much underestimated water intake is about to make wonderful changes in one’s lifestyle. And not just theirs, FitLope enables to engage up to four family members and challenge them to improve what they choose to.

Dieting has been one of the modern world’s biggest fads. Every couple of weeks there are new sensational diets promising to flip around your life. One week it’s the keto diet, the next week it’s the fatty acids diet. However, it’s just about one simple thing: your bad and good habits. FitLope expert team doesn’t believe in diets. We believe in the ability of people to adopt valuable habits. Our meal plan considers many different factors that accurately predict the necessities of your body. But this is just one half of the equation. The other is our 7 day on boarding series of articles which are fully aimed at not changing you, but making you aware how little, effortless changes in your daily routines can help you live a healthier life over time,” said Alexandr S., FitLope Head of Systems.

These days, when coronavirus threat has changed everyones’ lives, the time is crucial to boost the immune system. Lockdowns are the opportunity to enjoy healthy meals rich with nutrients, to start a workout and to take more water. “FitLope is waiting for your decision with programs adjusted to your body needs.”

Well-being is strongly connected to the precious environment. FitLope recognizes the decisive moment for the planet and the urgency to stop climate changes. For every new FitLope member one tree is going to be planted in cooperation with several reforestation charities all across the globe. Offset CO2 emissions and virtually hug the tree by choosing to get regular updates on the tree type and its growth.

When one becomes a FitLope member they are about to be astonished with more than 100 000 delicious and tasteful healthy recipes that are waiting to be cooked in just 30 minutes. There are also grocery lists to be picked up, and easy to follow workout plan to lose weight effortlessly. Just wait to see how much money one can save. A healthy life doesn’t need to cost a fortune. FitLope invites everybody to start today.

Anyone can get started by filling out a quick quiz about their body type and their goals:

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