Build a 100 billion stainless steel industrial cluster

December 08 21:24 2020

Recently, Jinan announced the main economic indicators for the first three quarters, and Jinan’s industrial added value growth rate reached a new high, leading the province and the whole country. The added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 11.4% year-on-year, the growth rate was higher than 20% for 3 consecutive months, and the growth rate was higher than 10% for 6 consecutive months. The contribution rate of industry to economic growth reached 42.3%. In a new era, Jinan’s industrial and informatization development has started a new journey, and we have made every effort to build the “Smart Jinan” Charge. Recently, in order to vigorously create a strong atmosphere of advocating the real economy and supporting industrial development, helping to build a strong industrial city, the city’s industry and information The Bureau of Chemical Industry and the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee carried out a centralized interview activity for enterprises of “Industrial Strong City Seeing to Be Responsible for Benefiting Enterprises Policy”.

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“The Taijia Stainless Steel Cold Rolling Deep Processing Project of Taishan Iron and Steel Group adopts the world’s advanced 18-high cold tandem rolling, 20-high reversible cold rolling and other technologies to realize the fully automatic thickness and shape control of the product and the recycling of attached products.” Taijiaxin Zhang Zhaoming, manager of Material Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that Taijia stainless steel cold-rolled deep processing project mainly produces austenitic, ferritic, martensitic stainless steel and other products, which can be widely used in transportation, chemical environmental protection, light industry machinery, construction and decoration, Household appliances, kitchen utensils and other industries.


Taishan Iron and Steel Group in Laiwu District, Jinan City, with stainless steel as its main business, high-quality plate and strip as the main body, integrating new materials, high-end equipment, clean energy, international trade, modern logistics and other industries, and modernization of the coordinated development of production, education and research The enterprise group is the most competitive 400 series stainless steel production base in the country, the only full-process stainless steel production enterprise in Shandong Province, an important cold-rolled sheet production base in Shandong Province, and the chairman unit of the Shandong Stainless Steel Industry Association.

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