Jeff Gross on the Success of His Career and Passion for Sharing It With Others

December 09 12:12 2020
Jeff Gross on the Success of His Career and Passion for Sharing It With Others

Jeff Gross has been in the industry for nearly 20 years. As a professional poker player, Twitch streamer, and successful Youtuber, Jeff is passionate about creating content that gives his fans a sneak peek into his life and career, while also teaching others how to build a life that they love. “I am known as the hype man,” he exclaims. “I bring a high level of energy and lots of giveaways! Each stream I give away at least $55 if not much more!”

These streams take place on Twitch, a streaming portal where Jeff has gained over 67,000 followers since the start of his channel in 2015. With a tremendous amount of respect for the game of poker and all of his opponents, he believes that there are many parallels between poker and everyday life. “I am constantly trying to improve in all areas on and off the felt,” he explains. “I saw that Twitch was a platform that allowed you to showcase your passion and skill set, and monetize while teaching others what you love.”

Jeff credits the start of his career to a single night in college. As a division 1 soccer player at the University of South Carolina on a partial scholarship, he had always loved the thrill of winning. He explains, “I had always liked to play board games, video games, any type of game really.” So when a friend brought a plastic poker chip set to their soccer team camp, it didn’t take long for Jeff to fall in love.  

Now, Jeff is motivated to be that same friend to others, introducing them to the game he loves, and teaching them how to be successful. “My podcast will reach 100 episodes as of this week, with Bob Menery being my 100th guest,” Jeff says. “I have the top poker players in the world on, as well as artists, actors, and business leaders. My next project is building a live podcast studio in Miami where I can host my guests in person. Now that I have a nice foundation of 100 guests, this is my ultimate goal with podcasting.”

Admittedly, this career hasn’t always been easy. From dealing with internet problems while on the road, to balancing his work and home life after his wife Emilia & him welcomed a baby boy in April of 2019, there have been moments when Jeff was ready to throw in the towel. In the hardest moments, he stays motivated by remembering his passion for sharing his love of poker with the world. He says, “Success to me is about doing what you love and loving what you do. When you have that everything else works itself out!”

To learn more about Jeff, follow him on Instagram.

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