KIC NYC Turns Fashion into Wearable Art Based on the Buyer’s Choice

December 09 12:42 2020
KIC NYC Turns Fashion into Wearable Art Based on the Buyer’s Choice
KIC NYC where customized fashions are made exclusively for each customer. KIC means KEEP IT CREATIVE, CONTROVERSIAL, CLASSY, CUTE, COURAGEOUS or CONFIDENT. The buyer decides what the “C” in KIC clothing means. The possibilities are endless.

KIC NYC was launched in 2012 by fashion aficionado, chic designer, talented artist, and bold entrepreneur, Tyeisha Delk. Born and raised in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, Ms. Delk turned her own store-bought clothes into wearable art. She embellished streetwear with sequins, fur, jewels, often including vinyl polymer designs to create eclectic pieces of wearable art. 

Ms. Delk has given everyone the ability to wear utterly unique customized clothing. Visit KIC at to put the C in KIC streetwear 24/7. Specializing in camouflage jackets, denim wear as well as other durable proletarian clothing that is custom designed for individualized styles, KIC turns clothing into art.

From the heart of Bed-Sty KIC NYC under the artistic direction of Tyeisha Delk creates living, enduring wearable art backed by strict quality control protocols, serviced by dedicated customer service. Get bold by displaying the C that defines a unique fashion style. KIC NYC will cater to any “C” that defines the wearer. Capricious, casual, or chthonic, KIC NYC creates customized embellished fashionable clothing that reflects as well as exhibits every personality and style. 

Customized living art clothing by Tyeisha Delk at KIC NYC knows no boundaries. This clothing is not confined to social morays, it creates and expresses the values, principles as well as creativity of the buyers.

Whether styling on Rodeo Drive, Times Square, Pennsylvania Ave or the streets of Kansas City, Minneapolis, Austin, or Miami, whatever street has a jam, KIC NYC will create the art that fits it best. KIC NYC ships throughout the USA at a flat rate. Because Art cannot be rushed, production times vary, although the Artists and Designers at KIC NYC are dedicated to speedy service, quality comes first. 

Customers express themselves with creativity in mind, body, soul, now they can do it with clothing. Visit KIC NYC today where the fashion C is created for everyone. KIC NYC offers customized one of a kind exclusive personality eccentric clothing from concept to design for women, men, and children. KIC NYC is ready to create a distinctive expression of empowerment in walking, living art for everyone.

Tyeisha Delk related her story that was foundational to the establishment of KIC NYC, “Growing up I was drawn to doodling, drawing, painting, and designing. I saw art immortalized in museums, I thought to myself that belongs to the streets of life. I started turning my personal wardrobe into art, then for friends and family. Everyone wants to be unique, empowered, and able to express themselves. I was determined to make art live in hearts, souls, and on clothes. KIC NYC was born from my passion for fashion, art along with individuality. Our slogan is ‘Fashion is a Choice, YOU Decide!’”

KIC NYC has expanded to make distinctive clothing options to shout out brands, organizations, movements, as well as groups, teams, bands, and neighborhoods. Individually or together KIC NYC is ready to create expressively artistic clothing for anyone. KIC NYC interprets the C in fashion style. Shout out your brand, cause, or passion in living art that does not hang in museums but is a part of everyday life.

Art is alive in fashion. Fashion is a choice. Art comes fashionably alive at KIC NYC.

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