Austin Dotson Transforms His Life and Body

December 09 13:54 2020
Austin Dotson Transforms His Life and Body

“Transforming our lives by being fit and having a healthy lifestyle is something that many people desire, but that’s where it ends for most folks – desire. If we had a dollar for every time we told ourselves we would hit the gym or workout and never got around to it, we might have amassed a small fortune. You won’t get into shape by sitting on the couch.” These are the words of Austin Dotson, a multitalented fitness trainer who is dedicated to improving his life every day. Not only has he succeeded in transforming his body, but his life as well – overcoming depression, suicide, drugs – and now helps others do the same.

Austin Dotson is from Carson, California. He is a fitness model, influencer, former professional athlete, personal trainer, and commercial actor. Austin had always been an athletic kid, and his passion for sports began early. Due to his huge love for martial arts icon, Bruce Lee, he got into combat sports, practicing Tae Kwon Do for about 5 years before switching to football in his sophomore year in high school. He continued playing football up until his graduation with the intent of pursuing a career in the NFL, but things didn’t work out as planned. 

Like many athletes’ experience in retirement, Austin felt lost. Although he had a job at a mortgage company, his life began spiraling out of control. The drinking, poor eating, and spending habits coupled with constant partying all took a toll. Around Christmas of 2016, he was arrested for DUI and laid off work not long after. Austin was now a father; depressed, hurt, lost, a DUI to pay for, no money, and no job. It was then that he decided to move beyond just the desire and take the first step towards arresting his decline and changing the course of his life: for himself and for the sake of his daughter.

Like anything worth doing in life demands, one must overcome a series of challenges before success can be attained. That is exactly what Austin’s move into personal discipline and training was like. He gave up alcohol, drastically changed his diet and started eating healthy, and went back to the training of his athletic days. After five months of hard work and consistency, he was down from 18% body fat to 8%.

“Fitness saved my life, and my past built an unstoppable mentality,” Austin says.

Having understood the importance of life and health and its impact on mental state, he began to offer online programs and coaching. He started building his new business Dotty Fitness, despite being unsure if what he had would work. He trains numerous clients and doubles as a behavioral therapist during the night. He is known for his insane workouts and is confident in his training methods, which are versatile, unique, and combine all genres of fitness into one – incorporating pieces of training that work and don’t just look good. His brand is “believing in yourself,” and he did just that, as all of Austin’s clients had achieved the results they set out to achieve when they met him. Since then, he’s become a successful brand ambassador for Fitplan and a fitness model for Reebok and ASVR Advanced Sportswear. He has featured numerous times in USA Today and Men’s Health magazine.

Fitness saved his life, and now he uses that to help others; he states that he is not motivated by money, only changing people’s lives. Through the years, his vision has remained the same: to win and inspire others to make a difference. To serve as a role model for everyone that crosses his path and to be recognized, respected, and acknowledged as a difference-maker in the world of fitness.

Learn more about Austin Dotson by visiting his page on Instagram.

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