Mattingly Chiropractic, Experienced Chiropractor in St. Louis, MO, Relieves Pain Naturally

December 09 14:15 2020
Mattingly Chiropractic, Experienced Chiropractor in St. Louis, MO, Relieves Pain Naturally

St. Louis, MO – Mattingly Chiropractic is a local chiropractic office in St. Louis, MO,  led by Dr. Dustan Mattingly. Dr. Mattingly and his team of highly trained and experienced chiropractic professionals successfully use natural methods to help relieve patients’ pain. When natural methods are used, patients can often avoid drugs and surgery. The key to Dr. Mattingly’s success is his results-driven approach to chiropractic. He adopts treatment methods based on scientific research, not hearsay. This approach ensures his team is always using the most up-to-date and effective chiropractic methods that help patients recover, fast.

“So many of our patients come to us seeking immediate and lasting relief from pain,” said Dr. Dustan Mattingly about his natural healing methods. “We’ve been able to help so many of them with their pain. We’ve also helped patients gain more mobility and energy. Some patients have even been able to gradually discontinue their reliance on pain relievers in coordination with their medical doctors. Every chiropractic adjustment I make is aimed at restoring balance to the whole body and freeing up the nervous system so it can function normally. When the body’s systems can function like they were intended, the body can begin to heal itself.”

It’s Dr. Mattingly’s understanding of how the spine affects the entire body — not just the spine itself — that makes his team the experts to trust to relieve St. Louis back pain. A simple spinal adjustment can very often ease pain and discomfort throughout the body. It may also alleviate symptoms of conditions that might seem unrelated to the alignment of the spine. 

If it’s not the spine that’s causing pain and discomfort but rather the shoulders, knees, elbows or other joints, Dr. Mattingly can run a joint mobility analysis. This diagnostic test involves capturing a series of rapid x-ray images while the body is in motion to identify the cause of pain or loss of function.

Patients who come into the Mattingly office in need of a chiropractor have access to a wide range of services. Of course, the team at Mattingly Chiropractic offers top-of-the-line chiropractic. They don’t stop there, however. They skillfully blend the use of chiropractic with other natural methods of improving health and well-being. 

“In combination with chiropractic treatment,” Dr. Mattingly added, “we utilize acupuncture and nutritional therapies to enhance each individual’s ability to recover fully. Many of our patients have found relief from symptoms like headaches, menstrual problems, back pain, neck pain, and fatigue from this mixture of services.”

Mattingly Chiropractic offers pressure point therapy, a procedure that restores the flow of messages traveling through the body via the nervous system. This therapeutic procedure can help patients dealing with stress or anxiety that has resulted in tight, cramped muscles. A single pressure point treatment can significantly ease pain and tightness.

Smokers looking to kick their unhealthy habit can also receive auricular therapy, an acupuncture treatment specifically for smokers. This treatment is based on techniques used in ancient Chinese medicine. Auricular therapy addresses addiction to cigarettes by helping smokers overcome the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

Mattingly Chiropractic also provides custom orthotics to patients who need more support for their feet and ankles. Orthotics are devices molded to fit patients’ feet, that slip in their shoes to support correct alignment of the feet and ankles. For many patients, improved support and corrected alignment relieves pain throughout the body. 

Many times, nutrition is a vital component in recovery from health problems. Mattingly Chiropractic conducts nutritional testing to identify nutritional deficiencies that may be causing problems. Once a deficiency has been identified, it can be improved either through dietary changes or nutritional supplementation. Mattingly Chiropractic stocks a wide range of high-quality dietary supplements in the office so patients can easily pick up what they need.

Mattingly Chiropractic is located at 8430 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63119. To schedule an appointment, call (314) 635-1008 or email [email protected] For more information about the chiropractic services that are offered, visit

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