K Maldonado Aims to Transform the Lives of Aspiring Entrepreneurs

December 09 15:45 2020
K Maldonado Aims to Transform the Lives of Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In the world of entrepreneurship, situations are always unpredictable. With the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have failed and declared bankruptcy. Only those who are managed by wise individuals have found their way to bounce back. As for Kareesha Carter Maldonado, the presence of the pandemic made her earn a good profit. K Maldonado has three businesses. She is a podcast host of “Lady Boss,” a hair business managing partner, and a business coach for aspiring entrepreneurs. Playing these three different roles will indeed make her transform the lives of aspiring hopefuls.

K Maldonado has mastered the art of multitasking. Besides being a businesswoman, this woman is also a wife and a mother taking care of her family’s needs and demands. K makes sure she does not miss out on something, which is why she always tries her best to pour out 100% of herself in everything she does. K Maldonado grew up in a family setting with financial struggles, so she knows how it feels to lack something.

As she recalled, her memories do not only contain rays of sunshine and rainbows. They were filled with struggles and setbacks too. When she was only 10  years old, her mother was sent to prison. As a child, she could not bear the thought of it, but somehow, she accepted it eventually. K was left with his grandmother to raise her. When she reached 17 years old, she realized how independent she has grown and then decided to live on her own. She spent the years after that taking all the opportunities that were thrown at her. Fortunately, K succeeded in every leap of faith she had to take.

Growing up, she had always envisioned herself being her lady boss. She wanted to keep the freedom that motivated her to start up her business. This freedom led her to enjoy an overflow of success, and currently, even with the COVID-19 pandemic, K is still earning about $100,000 per month. 

She wants to share her experiences and narrate her stories to help aspiring entrepreneurs stand on their own and start from scratch. She believes that it is best to jump headfirst into the business because when people start second-guessing and doubting themselves, problems will arise. After all, the negativity is already attracted. It is also essential for any entrepreneur to keep a positive mindset that will take them a long way.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, K values her relationship with her clients. She understands them and always listens to their side. For these reasons, her business tends to outstand its competitors. Hopefully, five years from now, K sees herself earning millions while helping aspiring entrepreneurs find their way to start up a business. She wants to be an excellent example and prove that the best things in life can often be found outside the comfort zone.

To be your boss, you must manifest the prerequisites to success: believing in yourself, taking the leap, and finishing what you start. Not all entrepreneurs might finish and reach the peak of success, but when you have these three things mixed with determination and perseverance, success will always come after you. 

To know more about K Maldonado, you may visit her website.

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