Wholesale Fury Levels the Playing Field for Small Businesses Worldwide

December 09 17:30 2020
The online wholesale marketplace allows small businesses to purchase the amount of inventory they need and still enjoy the best bulk discounts.

Wholesale Fury is an innovative online wholesale marketplace that connects wholesalers with businesses that look for the benefits of bulk discount pricing. Their system finds people who are searching for the same product, combines their orders and allows the group order to get the best bulk discount without each business having to order an extensive amount of inventory.

The current global marketplace gives more opportunities to larger retailers because their purchasing power allows them to place massive bulk orders in the hundreds of thousands. This puts small businesses at a disadvantage. They don’t usually have the funds for massive bulk orders, and they are forced to pay higher unit prices for smaller wholesale orders.

“Wholesale Fury’s group wholesale order has the potential to revolutionize the wholesale industry as we know it,” stated the Wholesale Fury team.

Wholesale Fury can help small businesses in two ways. They can choose to be an investor in group orders or as a product campaign manager. Investors in group orders search items they want to purchase in the Wholesale Fury website. Product managers match several investors, combine their purchases and make one bulk purchase. They will receive the bulk discount price without having to order inventory that they do not need. After paying a commission fee to their product manager, the investors will receive their product at a low price. All while the product manager can also be an investor in their group order while collecting commission.

Product managers are the ones who post products for others to invest in. They can add products they may need for their business to Wholesale Fury’s online marketplace and allow the marketplace to find buyers who are interested in purchasing that same product. They will receive commission from the other purchasers for the group order they opened and managed.

With Wholesale Fury, small businesses can order just the amount of inventory they need and receive the best bulk discount possible. This arrangement is ideal for small and new businesses as they will not have to worry about unnecessary inventory taking up extra space in their store room and holding up money on stocks that might take years to move.

The marketplace handles products from apparel, televisions, beauty products, sports equipment, jewelry, consumer electronics. and much more. With a small commission fee, small businesses can save a significant amount of money and, at the same time, can compete with larger companies who are able to purchase in bulk.

Wholesale Fury is passionate about the success of small and new businesses, so it works hard to open income and savings opportunities for those businesses. More information can be found at http://WholesaleFury.com/how

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WholesaleFury is a completely open marketplace designed for posting products from wholesalers that accept group orders.

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