Motor Accident Attorney Available in Tuskegee, AL

December 09 21:30 2020
Motor Accident Attorney Available in Tuskegee, AL

Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. In a moment’s time, a person’s world can become completely turned upside down. For accident victims, there is often a long road of recovery ahead. When the residents of Tuskegee, AL fall victim to motor vehicle accidents, they need to know how to get help. With help from the Vance Law Firm, injured victims will find peace of mind and the guidance they need for pursuing fair compensation. 

How to Get Started on the Claim

The first thing an injured victim will need to do is to file a claim with their insurance company and the at-fault driver’s company. Filing a claim is a fairly straightforward process, but it can cause a degree of stress. Before dealing with the insurance adjuster and answering questions or making a statement, injured victims should first schedule a consultation appointment with a lawyer.

Preparing for the Consultation Appointment

Consultation appointments are integral for helping injured victims discover important information on their rights. Injured victims have rights afforded to them under the law, and they include having the right to pursue a lawsuit if the insurance settlement offer is not fair. Injured victims also have the right to seek legal counsel for their case. Preparing for the consultation appointment is an integral step in allowing injured victims to receive the fair outcome they deserve. Those who would like to learn more about legal help can visit

  • One of the first things an injured victim should do is to make sure they write down the facts of their accident. Individuals can often find themselves feeling nervous when they first meet with an attorney. Nervousness can make a person forget important information. Having all the pertinent facts written down will ensure the victim will not forget anything when meeting with the lawyers. 

  • Gathering evidence is also critical. A lack of evidence can prove difficult for accident claims. The evidence is what helps an injured victim to prove liability in their accident. Once the lawyer is hired, they will launch an investigation into the cause of the accident and will gather further evidence for their client. 

  • It is also wise for an injured person to write a list of questions they would like to ask the lawyer. Taking notes during the consultation appointment will allow the injured party to be able to better decipher the information they were given during the meeting. For further information, visit

Get Started on the Process Right Away

In the state of Alabama, injured victims have a two-year statute of limitations to follow. This means they must file their lawsuit within two years of the date of their accident or they will nullify their rights to further pursue compensation. Injured victims must seek legal guidance as soon as possible. Waiting too long could lead to the loss of valuable evidence. 

 The Vance Law Firm is dedicated to helping injured victims receive the sound legal guidance they require for making the right decisions in the claims process. They proudly serve their clients in Tuskegee, AL, and surrounding communities.

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