Alejandro Rioja creates a novel SEO keyword clustering algorithm using Adwords and Clearbit data

December 09 21:42 2020
Alejandro Rioja creates a novel SEO keyword clustering algorithm using Adwords and Clearbit data
A new algorithm for clustering keyword is already making waves in the SEO industry

Keyword clustering is a new method of grouping keywords that has been popularized in the SEO industry by many people such as Nick Jordan, Alexey Chekushin and Alejandro Rioja. 

In a nutshell, a Keyword Clustering algorithm puts keywords together in the same group, if they return a similar set of URLs on Google. For instance here are 2 examples of close but mutually exclusive clusters

  • {House cleaner, home cleaner, housemaid} ← looks for services 

  • {How to clean my home, best way to clean home} ← looks for tutorials on how to do it

Typically in the SEO industry, most professionals use “keyword search volume” or “keyword difficulty” as the golden metric for determining where to focus content marketing efforts. This, although useful, is a rather myopic view of the entire SEO picture. 

Working closely with the founder of Keyword Cupid, Rioja engineered a way to attach a conversion value to a specific keyword and then group keywords by “value”. For instance, you could prioritize a group of keywords by the amount of revenue they are expected to bring. 

This is extremely valuable for anyone who is trying to grow their SEO in a smart way. 

For instance, “house cleaner in Reno” might get a ton of searches but could be very tough to compete given larger national players, so most average marketers wouldn’t even think of competing for this keyword. 

A better approach 

While keyword clustering has been around since 2015, Alejandro Rioja now took it one step further by creating an algorithm to determine “expect conversion value”, which pegs a value that the business is expected to make from someone using that “house cleaner in Reno” keyword when they landed on the page. If the value of this keyword group is higher than what it costs to write and maintain the post, Rioja would typically include it on his content roadmap.  

“The value of a keyword can be calculated by using historical Adwords data if you’ve bid on that particular keyword”, shared Rioja. “You can also use Cleabit data to get more insights about which particular customers are visiting those valuable pages and keywords”, he added. These are 2 novel and unique ways to cluster keywords that are not common in the SEO industry. 

Leo Soulas, the founder of Keyword Cupid shared, “this new method has the potential to revolutionize the SEO industry since now we can have a formulaic and predictable ROI on something that most SEOs would just take a guess on.”

To learn more about keyword clustering and its implications, we recommend looking at Mr. Rioja’s original post on the subject.

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