Having A Korean Skincare Routine Can Be Inconvenient – This Oregon Startup Invented A Device That Automates It

December 09 22:09 2020
Having A Korean Skincare Routine Can Be Inconvenient - This Oregon Startup Invented A Device That Automates It
SONATAP, a skincare device that changes the way consumers apply their beauty products, launches today

PORTLAND, OR – Dec 9, 2020 – Portland-based female-founded startup is launching SONATAP, a skincare device that holds 6 different products inside its portable body and can automate the application process of a multi-step or K-beauty skincare routine. The international patent-pending design of SONATAP was born from a desire to make skincare so convenient that consumers can even complete their skincare routines while making breakfast in the morning or laying on bed at night.

The inventor and founder of SONATAP is one of the millions Korean skincare avid fans who practice a multi-step skincare routine. While she sees the effectiveness of such well-rounded skincare routine, she also finds that it can be a time-consuming and inconvenient process. For instance, consumers need to keep their fingers 100% clean during the application process, which takes time away from other activities in the morning or night at home. In addition, traveling with a multi-step skincare routine can be challenging and often requiring travel-sized, single-use plastic skincare products.

Most devices seen in the beauty industry have been focusing on effectiveness claims (using light-therapy, sonic-wave, or AI-enhanced tech), and there is a lack of solutions with focus on efficiency. As founder Nga Dinh explains, “We are seeing many new skincare products and formulas being released every day without the tools that help make the application process of those products more convenient. Taking the Food industry for example, there have been many kitchen tools invented over the course of the history to make the consuming process of food products and ingredients more convenient overtime.”

Unlike other multi-container systems created for the purpose of storing or mixing personal-care products, SONATAP is the first device designed with an integrated applicator made of ultra-hygienic silicone for application purpose. This game-changing feature enables finger-free application that will unlock consumers’ freedom to engage in daily activities (using phones, computer, tv remote, etc.) during their skincare routine without worrying about cross-contamination from touching other surfaces. Comes with refillable and airless cartridges, SONATAP is designed to keep skincare formula freshly stored and make on-the-go skincare sustainable.

sonatap unlocks freedom to perform daily activities while skincare

SONATAP will be available through pre-order next week at sonatap.com at the starting price of $59.

About SONATAP company

Founded by an immigrant woman of color and inventor who utilized the power of at-home 3D printing to turn idea into reality and to create solutions for problems that can only be experienced as a consumer. Incorporated in Oregon in Feb 2019, the company’s mission is to make skincare convenient with automation and technology-driven designs.

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