Forest Lighting Fresh Air new products global release conference – Five years forging the sword, cocoon-break and rejuvenated

December 10 00:54 2020

Zhongshan, China – On December 12th, the “Cocoon-break · Rejuvenated · Global release conference”, hosted by Forest Lighting Fresh Air, set sail at the Westin Hotel in Zhongshan’s ancient town. The leaders of Zhongshan municipal government, the industry’s elite and many friends from media area gathered together, highlighting the brand strength and strong cohesion of Forest Lighting Fresh Air. Shine new life, witness together!

Guests who attending the launch:

After five years, nearly two thousand days and nights of research and development experience, with more than 20 years of manufacturing technology precipitation, more than 30 industry-top experts technology crystallization, continue to breaking through the industry’s technical problems, grasping the negative ion core technology comprehensively, release “Fresh Air” new products, subvert the air purification industry, a comprehensive layout of the 2021 air health market.

Redefining healthy air ecology

People spent more than 80% of their lives indoors, thus air quality is closely related to national health. With excellent technical advantages, Forest Lighting Fresh Air products can efficiently remove allergens free from indoor air, such as asthma induces, pollen, dust mites, animal hair dander, bacteria, viruses, dust and other suspended effects, so that users can breathe clean, fresh healthy air at home, creating healthy breathing new options, and creating a comfortable environment for people who are suffering from allergies.

Forest Lighting Fresh Air products can not only purify the air, but also optimize the air, increase the health of the body’s air vitamins – negative ions. Forest Lighting Fresh Air redefines healthy air, realize ecological air reduction, and brings forest air home.


Innovate futuristic technology to subvert the air purification industry

Forest Lighting Fresh Air products can release high concentrations of negative ions, capture purifying pollutants, and truly achieve purification from the source of pollution. By the Guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center and other authoritative institutions testing, H2N3 influenza virus killing rate as high as 99.96% ; PM2.5 sedimentation rate of 98.57%, and can effectively remove the proportion of particulate matter up to 80%-90% of ultra-fine particles PM1; PM formaldehyde decomposition rate of 86.10%, the harmful gas air Ionization decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and other stable harmless small molecules, care for people’s respiratory health, free to enjoy pure air.

Another highlight of the Forest Lighting Fresh Air products is the forward design without filters and consumables. Which can not only avoid the harm of reducing efficiency, secondary pollution and shortening life due to the failure to replace the filter in time, but also greatly reduce the subsequent cost.

At the conference site, Forest Lighting Fresh Air simulate the atmospheric environment, showing the purification effect of products. Thousands of people witnessed the scene, air is still pure and fresh, as if in the jungle, can not help deep breathing. Its effect has been the participating news media, industry experts highly affirmed.


Diversification layout to assistance Healthy China 2030

Forest Lighting Fresh Air rely on the annual operating income of nearly 20 billion yuan of the parent company – MLS Co., Ltd. (Stock: 002745), the capital strength is strong. At present, Forest Lighting has its own more than 40,000 stores, with more than 140 countries around the global sales channels, providing preconditions and channel guarantee for the Forest Lighting Fresh Air to broaden domestic and foreign markets.

Forest Lighting Fresh Air deep-till offline experience shop, leading the new trend of consumption of tens of millions of households. Innovative launch of the “thousands of stores” strategic plan. By the end of 2022 plans to build 1000 Forest Lighting Fresh Air experience hall, 180 regional experience service centers, in cities at all levels in the country planted the green flag.

Forest Lighting diversification layout, products have been promoted to intelligent, healthy field of development, a comprehensive boost to the Healthy China 2030 construction. Efforts are being made to build forest hotels, forest hospitals, forest schools, forest moon houses, forest KTV, forest gyms, forest health clubs, forest beauty salons, forest tea rooms, forest offices, forest homes. Enough to breathe forest-like air without going outside, breathe is life, breathing well, life is good!


Witness history and create the future

Take this conference as an opportunity, Forest Lighting Fresh Air let more people have a deeper understanding of the Forest Lighting oxygen bar, Forest Lighting companion, Forest Lighting ceiling machine and other products as well as the culture concept of Forest Lighting, enhancing the brand influence.

A new journey, a new future. Forest Lighting Fresh Air has confident to be a listed company in 3 years and is in the process of strategic deployment. Independent innovation is the core vitality of products. In the future, relying on a large number of technology accumulation and massive user service experience, Forest Lighting will continue to accelerate the construction of self-research technology system, for all walks of life to provide better quality air purification products, forest air into thousands of households.

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