People Groups by Dezmon Landers Improves Relationships for Entrepreneurs.

December 10 11:09 2020
The system decreases relationship risks by proactively identifying the needs and wants of each group.

It’s rarely discussed but entrepreneurs interface with far more distinctly different groups of people than the traditionally employed. Between their social life, business operations and external influencers, entrepreneurs are required to work with 14-15 uniquely different groups of people on a very regular basis.

What makes this even more challenging is that these groups aren’t separated by common classifiers like race, gender or culture but by what resources are needed from the entrepreneur. These resources often require investment or trade in the areas of money, time and energy. Unfortunately, without proactive management of these groups, relationship risks are quite high and this calls for a streamlined solution.

PeopleGroups, is a grouping system for entrepreneurs to better manage expectations of people they interact with most. Created by Dezmon Landers, it seeks to solve the unique problem of relationship risk by providing a model that enables proactive identification of people, their groups, and systematization of relationship management.

The system is divided into three categories including: (1) social (2) operational and (3) organizational. Social refers to all people groups connected to an entrepreneur but generally outside of their business operations including a spouse, family, friends, associates, and strangers. Operations refers to people groups directly contributing to an entrepreneur’s businesses including ownership, employees, suppliers, contractors, and customers. Organizational, then refers to entities outside of the entrepreneur’s business operations including government, partners, media, competitors, and the community.

Each of these groups has distinct needs and PeopleGroups captures each group visually by their fundamental differences. For example, if the Spouse group was compared with the Government group, one would find differences in expectations. A spouse may be more concerned about quality time and energy spent. A government isn’t at all concerned with those but cares deeply about 2 things: (1) authority to operate (time/energy) and (2) taxation (money). While the expectations can be dramatically different, entrepreneurs must still interact with each group frequently and effectively.

Entrepreneurship is incredibly risky and PeopleGroups aims to create a safer operating environment. It enables entrepreneurs to better manage critical relationships by identifying, grouping and systematizing expectations. To learn more about the system, please visit:

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