C-Arm Rentals By C-ArmNow For Emergency Delivery In Hospitals In And Around Salt Lake City, UT Within 24-48 Hours

December 10 17:27 2020
C-Arm Rentals By C-ArmNow For Emergency Delivery In Hospitals In And Around Salt Lake City, UT Within 24-48 Hours
C-ArmNow rents vascular and non-vascular C-Arms for short-term emergency needs to hospitals and medical facilities in the United States. Customers within 500 miles of Salt Lake City, UT, can expect emergency C-Arm rentals delivered within 24-48 hours.

According to announcements released by C-ArmNow, the business provides emergency C-Arm rentals to hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities all over the United States. Clients can choose between vascular and non-vascular C-Arms, depending on their needs. The devices are shipped for delivery within 2-4 days. For hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, medical colleges, and similar customers located within 500 miles of Salt Lake City, Utah, the business assures delivery within 24-48 hours.

By ensuring the emergency availability of C-Arms, this company allows medical facilities to meet their clinical obligations, treat patients effectively, and continue operations. Customers can select from a diverse range of C-Arm devices from leading manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, and Philips. Transportation, choice of technology, and installation influence the cost of an emergency C-Arm rental. It makes excellent financial sense for many medical institutions to extend the duration of the rental because the rental costs drop as the period increases.

C-ArmNow also rents out the C-Arms for non-emergency use. The devices can be made available anywhere in the U.S; they require a 21-day lead time and a 3-month rental period. Renting a C-Arm via C-ArmNow is a smooth process based on a quote requested online. Experts from the company can guide customers on the best C-Arm for their needs, given the workload, nature of work, duration of the rental, and budget.

For more information, go to https://c-armnow.com/

C-ArmNow offers daily, weekly monthly and annual rentals on surgical C-Arms systems. Their rental programs are suited for clinics and hospitals looking for a temporary imaging solution while their existing system is down for maintenance or repairs. A C-Arm can help improve patient outcomes and the success rates of surgeries, especially complex and involved procedures.

Customers can avail flexible terms of payment, need not worry about separate system maintenance costs, enjoy tax benefits, opt for rent-to-own programs, and get assured upgrades for long-term contracts.

Renting a C-Arm enables hospitals to try out a preferred C-Arm model and test its features before investing in a purchase. A rented C-Arm better serves new facilities until they have acquired the volume of patients that justifies buying a new or used C-Arm.

Renting a C-Arm involves only operational expenses with no capital expenditure involved. Hospitals pay affordable rentals only for as long as they use the equipment. This is a low-risk and low-cost alternative, and therefore popular with the clients served by C-ArmNow.

About C-ArmNow:

The company rents out C-Arm devices for emergency and regular use. C-ArmNow operates out of West Valley City, UT, and ships to all parts of the United States. Facilities can choose from regular and mini C-Arms for vascular and non-vascular procedures. Rental plans can be customized to suit the medical facility’s requirements.

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