Blue Sapphire Stone Named To Top 10 List Of Most Valuable Gemstones

December 10 18:09 2020
In a blog article published on the Star Lanka website, the ten most valuable and rare colored gemstones are listed, along with explanations about the prices on specific examples of each stone.

Star Lanka is pleased to announce the publication of a recent blog article that features the list of the Most Expensive Gemstone Top 10 Luxury Rare Colored Stones. The blue sapphire stone gems known as the Blue Belle of Asia, Logan Sapphire, and Queen of Romania sapphire are respectively number four, three, and two in weight. The largest sapphire in history is the Blue Giant of the Orient. Each of these gemstones weighs more than 350 carats, with the largest weighing in at 486.52 carats. The Blue Bell of Asia, number four in weight, fetched the highest price for colored gemstones in history, selling for $17.3M in 2014.

The selection of sapphire gemstones found in the online catalog of Star Lanka is extensive. The gems are available in a variety of weight, cuts, and clarity. The loose gemstones range in weight from just over one carat to a blue beauty weighing in at 3.73 carats. The available gems at present include cushion, oval and rectangular options. Filters on the website allow searching for sapphire gemstones and others effortlessly. Categories such as size, weight, and shape are easily grouped using the tabs and filters. 

There are deposits of sapphire in several locations around the world. These include Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Australia, Nepal, Pakistan, Madagascar, Kashmir, Thailand, and China. There are also deposits in Montana, USA. In a scientific sense, sapphires are formed in the same way as rubies, from the mineral corundum or aluminum oxide. The various colors occur when there are other minerals, such as aluminum, present during the formation. 

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Star Lanka has been in the business of gemstones for 35 years. Although the company focuses on wholesale transactions in some parts of the world, shopping for the online catalog is easy and convenient for other customers. The gemstones are certified for their quality and are one of a kind. Shipping around the world is free of charge. 

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Star Lanka recently celebrated 35 years of business experience selling the highest quality gemstones. The company’s customers include retail and wholesale buyers. The company has offices in Hong Kong and Thailand.

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