Fits Like a Glove and Fights COVID Like a Champ

December 10 18:54 2020

As Covid-19 continues to wield its wrath across the world and infection rates soar to unseen peaks, the country anxiously awaits for this unprecedented health crisis to end. While it is encouraging that a vaccine will be available in 2021, more steps must be taken right now to help fight this virus and prevent further illness, hospitalizations, and deaths. It is clear that the situation is becoming more and more dire every day. Thankfully, there is a groundbreaking technology that can offer protection during this pandemic, and it is called BioSafe Gloves™.

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BioSafe Gloves is a new patent-pending product that eradicates viruses and is specifically targeted to help in the fight against the Coronavirus. Along with wearing face masks, these gloves are an additional way to keep safe and help stop the spread of this life-threatening virus. Ordinary gloves just move viruses and bacteria from surface-to-surface, but BioSafe Gloves are treated with BioProtect™ and is the first glove that prevents the spread and growth of bacteria on the glove. “BioProtect is a breakthrough antimicrobial technology that combines a non-toxic, durable, broad spectrum, antimicrobial glove protection without the release of traditional toxic antimicrobials into the environment,” said Dr. Lukasz Porosa, the Chief Chemist and R & D Director at ViaClean Technologies.

According to the Global Virus Network, BioSafe Gloves can kill Covid-19 as well as other harmful viruses on contact. BioSafe Gloves are treated with BioProtect and are EPA registered and approved antimicrobial. The chemical in this innovative product is proven to last for up to 30 days once one begins wearing the gloves. Again, unlike most standard disposable gloves, these gloves prevent the spread and growth of bacteria and viruses on the gloves. They are the perfect solution for protecting oneself throughout the day and reducing the spread of germs from surface-to-surface. They are also food safe, which means they can be worn while eating and can be beneficial when used in schools, restaurants, and other food-present events. It is clear that using these gloves should become more commonplace among people around the world.

BioSafe Gloves was created when Steven Brown called his cousin Leonard Butterman at 4am to talk about an “awesome idea.” He was envisioning putting an antimicrobial on a glove, and after much research, this exciting product came to fruition. “In today’s world, we can all better protect ourselves now with BioSafe Gloves. “Wearing these gloves and doing everyday activities with them will make the world a safer place,” states Leonard Butterman, President of BioSafe Gloves. Steven Brown, CEO of BioSafe Gloves added, “Whether you are traveling on an airplane, commuting on public transportation, grocery shopping, doing errands, visiting a doctor’s office, spending countless hours in the workplace or any other setting outside your own home, taking the added precaution of wearing BioSafe Gloves should become second nature.” It is an easy and proactive step in safeguarding ourselves against COVID-19 and other serious viruses that can prevent us from staying healthy and well.

It is crucial for everyone to be as responsible and cautious as we continue to brace ourselves during the pandemic. While it seems many of us are becoming “Covid-weary,” we must continue to be careful and protect ourselves in facing the challenges that lay ahead. As we approach the most dangerous phase of the pandemic, we need to be more aware of our increased risks. We have to remember that prevention is essential to staying healthy, and we must do all that we can to protect ourselves and others in this effort. Preventing the spread of the Coronavirus can be achieved by following the CDC’s safety protocols-and now, we have an additional weapon in our arsenal and a proven way to minimize risks by wearing BioSafe Gloves.

BioSafe Gloves are available at, Amazon, and at other participating retailers.

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