Clark Asset Management Launches Free Retirement Income Planning Course

December 11 00:45 2020
This asset management company helps people live a secure and comfortable retirement, and enjoy peace of mind.

Planning for retirement income is something that people tend to delay. People put it off thinking that everything will just fall into place, so there is no need to worry about it now.

Clark Asset Management believes otherwise.

The New England based wealth management is launching a free retirement income planning course (in January 2021) that teaches people exactly how to create retirement income that will last for life. “We are committed to educating people about retirement income planning, so we are making this course free,” said founder Bradley Clark.

As true experts in retirement income planning, the team at Clark Asset Management knows how to make retirement easier for those who want to live a secure and comfortable life after they stop working. “The best way to learn how to relax about your retirement is to make a plan and implement that plan,” said Clark

The retirement income planning course teaches people how to identify their needs, wants, and wishes, and how to manage the plethora of risks we all face when it comes to our retirement income. This information guides people in carefully planning for their future.

The course also tackles investment strategies such as bond ladders, personal pensions, investment portfolio, and tax planning – just to name a few. It also touches on how financial advisers get paid, and why this is so important for the public to understand.

In addition to the retirement income planning course, Clark Asset Management offers wealth management for a fixed flat rate. The firm works with clients in managing a low-cost portfolio where a balanced investment strategy is assembled, safety-first and growth tactics are incorporated, and evidence-based investing is preferred. Clark Asset Management also works to maximize the client’s social security benefits. The firm also finds ways for clients to reduce their tax liability throughout retirement.

The firm builds an “income floor” for each client through the use of Social Security, bond ladders, pensions & annuities. Further, the company considers possibilities of long-term care expenses and other risks, as well as develops proactive tactics to protect the client’s retirement income.

Clark Asset Management aims to ease financial uncertainty by providing personalized goals-based plans and designing strategic and data-driven solutions that will provide a comfortable retirement to its clients for a fixed flat fee. Its founder, Bradley Clark, holds a BA in economics from Harvard University and a MBA from Stanford University. He is one of only 2% of advisors who holds both the Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

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About Clark Asset Management, LLC.

Clark Asset Management, LLC. is a registered investment adviser based in New England, but serves clients across the country. The firm is one of the only fixed flat fee wealth management firms in the country specializing in retirement income planning.

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