Donye Kimal on Starting Over and Rising Above Adversities

December 11 01:06 2020
Donye Kimal on Starting Over and Rising Above Adversities

Failures and limitations of the past have no control over the greatness that is thrust upon us. Quite the contrary, these trials by fire are nothing but formative experiences that shape the path towards victory and success. And as one of those who had to endure difficult beginnings, Donye Kimal, an up and rising entrepreneur, knows that obstacles and challenges are necessary steps that would soon lead to a life of triumph. 

Being someone who is intimately familiar with hardships, Donye Kimal has shown that overcoming ordeals and rising above adversities can be the most empowering thing that can happen to a person. Having braved through the upheavals in his life, he was able to unleash the inner strength that was in him all along. And through his personal journey, he relentlessly pursues his lifelong mission—to help others. 

Highly regarded for his character of granite, Donye Kimal explains that his sterling reputation is a result of his unyielding persistence and unwavering faith. And on top of his incomparably resilient mindset, he also took it upon himself to inspire people with his moving story in the hopes of encouraging them to pursue their ambitions and go after their dreams. 

Growing up in the West Side neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio, Donye Kimal spent his childhood years with his grandmother since his mother was absent and his father was in prison. With these unfortunate circumstances, one would never expect Donye to be the remarkable man that he is today. However, he took everyone by surprise when he transformed his misfortunes into power. 

When his father got out of prison, Donye Kimal finally got to live with him. Together, the father and son duo started all over again. As a matter of fact, Donye’s old man did everything he could to give his child a great life. And although his father was hard on him, Donye understood that it only was because he did not want his son to make the same mistakes he did. According to Donye, his father is his hero. 

Having earned a football scholarship, Donye Kimal went to Indiana State University. However, he had to leave college early and join the National Football League (NFL). But just when things were starting to look up for the rising athlete, he sustained an injury that ended his career. This incident eventually led him to a downward spiral of getting into legal trouble while trying to make ends meet. 

Determined to put his life back together, Donye Kimal tapped into his entrepreneurial flair and decided to start a trucking company. And after seeing some success with his first venture, he then created a freight brokerage company. Within only a year, these two enterprises flourished into six-figure companies. Indeed, nothing is impossible for those who never give up. 

Recently, Donye Kimal has launched a set of courses geared towards showing people in his community the tips and tricks of starting a company in the logistics industry. He wants to share with the world how he was able to take his career from ground zero to the summits of success. 

Having gone through tough seasons in his life, Donye Kimal is now wearing those experiences like badges of honor and courage. And as painful as those periods were, they were ultimately learning encounters that taught him valuable lessons. In the end, he survived every misfortune that came his way and walked away with a better understanding of his capacity. 

With everything he has accomplished, Donye Kimal has proven that just because things are taking a bad turn today, it does not mean that tomorrow will be the same. Instead of wallowing in despair, he invites everyone to keep moving forward and hold on. And using the insights he accumulated over the years, he continues to be a beacon of hope for struggling entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals. 

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