The Creative Agency Helps Small Businesses and Communities Grow Amidst Pandemic

December 11 01:12 2020
The Creative Agency Helps Small Businesses and Communities Grow Amidst Pandemic

The professional world as we know it is experiencing a massive shift in how business is conducted. The COVID-19 pandemic taught entrepreneurs that it’s completely possible to operate business as usual online without physical interaction, and a boutique marketing agency in Colorado has been gearing up to help companies make the switch to digital marketing.

The Creative Agency is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in online visibility and digital growth. In today’s climate, small businesses need more exposure, considering the pause on in-person daily activities and a flux of companies pivoting to the digital space. The Creative Agency is there to help small businesses do just that: establish a voice online.

Jahna Eichel, the founder of The Creative Agency, is a strong advocate for the growth of small businesses. The Creative Agency is redefining how businesses position themselves to effectively reach the correct audience using what makes that business unique.

In Jahna’s words, “Small businesses tend to struggle with marketing foundations. They attempt to do things inexpensively, focusing on just putting things ‘out there’ with no strategy, without using their authentic voice, and without the visibility needed to create a buzz. We’re far from the ‘if you build it they will come’ days of online business. Giving business owners the tools to create a sustainable foundation is what creates a long-lasting presence.”

The Creative Agency understands how important customer retention, loyalty, and authenticity is to move forward in the post-pandemic era. Their team is focused on creating effective tools that businesses can implement to engage and support their clients. From creating beautifully crafted websites to effective ad campaigns, engaging content, and organic search engine visibility, businesses can captivate their audience and keep the competition in check.

Staying above the noise online has never been more paramount. The Creative Agency ensures that businesses maintain dominant visibility online while keeping the brand’s mission and voice consistent and authentic. With a marketing firm like The Creative Agency, making the switch online is a decision you can feel confident in.

Eichel’s goals for The Creative Agency are three-tiered: supporting her community, clients, and team. She believes that by helping small companies flourish, it can positively impact the community they are in by creating job growth opportunities and engagement among community members. She wants business owners to recognize the importance of staying authentic and putting effective strategies in place that can stand the test of time. The Creative Agency is focused on specifically turning things around for small businesses.

In Jahna’s words, “Small businesses employ about 58 million people and generate 53% of sales in the United States. The majority is being owned and operated by a single person earning less than $100,000 in salary, and even more alarming—only 50% of all small businesses will survive for five years—leaving 33% to survive for 10 years or more. We want our clients to survive and thrive for the long haul, that is why we exist.” The Creative Agency is helping entrepreneurs establish their foundation on solid ground and continue to flourish.

Learn more about The Creative Agency on the official website.

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