How Dr. Chanita Foster Has Been Building Communities From Detroit to Africa

December 11 02:06 2020
How Dr. Chanita Foster Has Been Building Communities From Detroit to Africa

People often say they want to help people around the world but often lose sight of that goal in the long run. Some continue but grow to become selective about who they support. Dr. Chanita Foster is an individual who walks the talk and has been doing so for some time now.

Before becoming a well-known social change philanthropist, Chanita grew up in Detroit, Michigan. There she witnessed the disenfranchisement of the communities, sparking a desire to help people. But Dr. Chanita desired to go beyond just her city. She wanted to provide aid to communities around the world.

Chanita founded Beyond the Game or BTG, a non-profit organization registered as an NGO in South African and Swaziland. She serves as the Global Government Relations and Public Policy Director for an agency in Atlanta that bridges the international business transactions gaps in the United States.

Beyond The Game currently feeds a thousand children a day. They have also built two orphanages with the assistance of several associate donors, including R&B singer Ne-Yo. Dr. Chanita currently runs three Care Point. She also runs a lower-level school and has provided two water wells for freshwater.

Dr. Chanita Foster has also worked as the Head of Business Development at PSJ Global, focusing on infrastructure development projects and marketing, branding, risk management, and entrepreneurial development in Africa. The company has also recently locked the biggest deal in their history with their partnership to run Forbes8, a magazine’s digital platform, in Africa.

Not stopping there, Dr. Chanita also runs a passion project of sanitary napkins for girls in rural villages across Africa. The project has allowed girls to continue their education without compromising their education for lack of proper hygiene products. As a change agent, Chanita’s motto is, “A period should not be a punishment.”

Chanita Foster gained widespread recognition for her leadership stature. Her robust global impact has seen her become one of the first-ever appointed American Brand Ambassador of Tourism for Zimbabwe. As an ambassador, her duties go beyond tourism as she drives the country’s economic activities through investor relations to be the face of the country’s tourism.

For a brief time, she appeared on the reality show Football Wives for VH1 in 2010. Dr. Chanita became well known for her role and became a member of the famous Reality Star list. She would later become an author and release her first book titled “Girl I’m Not Tripping, I’m Depressed.”

Dr. Chanita, however, is more renowned for her personality among the masses. The philanthropist is a documented millionaire through the MLM Industry who positively contributes and previously served in one of the most well known MLM companies. Dr. Chanita hopes to continue expanding her brand and become a personal & business coach and travel the world to stand on a platform and give motivational speeches.

To learn more about Chanita Foster, you may visit her website.

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