Taylormade Jay on the Power of Passion and Tenacity

December 11 02:12 2020
Taylormade Jay on the Power of Passion and Tenacity

Sometimes, the paths we are currently taking are not our final routes to success. As a matter of fact, the journey towards the pinnacles of victory is filled with a series of detours and unexpected turns. It does not mean that we are losing our way to greatness; it just reveals how the path is a long and winding road that only those who go over and beyond to climb are inevitably destined to achieve what they truly desire. One such person is film director Darryl Wayne Joseph Jr., mostly known as Taylormade Jay.

Without a doubt, the climb towards the summits of success is no easy feat. But when a person is brimming with an unparalleled passion, determination, and tenacity to achieve one’s dreams, everything is within reach. That is why when Taylormade Jay decided to create a path of his own, opportunities kept pouring in. And although the experience was admittedly difficult, he did not allow such tribulations to overpower his desire to achieve. Packed with an undaunted mindset, Taylormade was set to take the film and video productions industry by storm.

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Taylormade Jay has been venturing into different career paths since he was young. When he first set foot in the United States, he became interested in joining the army. So, Taylormade signed up and eventually became part of the military. When his deployment came, Taylormade made sure to record memories and brought with him an old digital camcorder everywhere he went. And as time went by, he grew more and more interested in capturing moments and filming remarkable experiences that Taylormade decided to explore the world of filming after his stint in the military.

However, in between his moments in the military and his planned exploration in filming, Taylormade Jay made a sudden and brief turn towards the music industry. For a while, he enjoyed the company of rhythm and beats as an independent artist and musician. But in the middle of it all, Taylormade noticed how it became a struggle to film his music videos the way he wanted them to be. At that moment, Taylormade realized how he could do so much more had he continued his desire to join the film industry. So, he moved to Oklahoma and began his journey in film and video productions.

Although it may seem that Taylormade Jay flawlessly infiltrated the industry with his talents and creative flair, his path was not initially built with sunshine and rainbows. Taylormade began his venture at a slow pace. But when he started producing exceptional films after only 24 hours of editing and post-production, people noticed his works. Now, with over 83 clients and 143 films, Taylormade decided to legitimize his company, Damani Films LLC and expanded his reach by hiring more employees and collaborating with renowned photographers like Mike Spencer. He is also the official video director for Empire’s N7 and Pwap.

True enough, Taylormade Jay serves as a genuine attestation of how far tenacity can propel a person towards greatness. Being self-taught and self-made, this rising filmmaker is bound to reach the summits of success. And through his stories of grit and passion, he hopes to inspire others never to get tired of pursuing their goals no matter how difficult they may become.

To know more about Taylormade Jay, you may visit his Instagram page.

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