Coach Ray and Impactful Solutions Academy on Impacting Business Leaders and Their Productivity

December 11 02:21 2020
Coach Ray and Impactful Solutions Academy on Impacting Business Leaders and Their Productivity

In life, no one makes it out to the top purely on their own. At some point, everyone will have had guidance from experienced individuals passing on their knowledge. Best known as “Coach Ray,” Ray Baxter is a brand & marketing strategist who has made a name for himself as America’s leading Customer Service Expert with his company Impactful Solutions Academy.

Ray Baxter is where he is today thanks to the influence of his father. His dad was an entrepreneur for most of his life, having owned several businesses from different industries. Ray’s father was one of those people who were never afraid to stand up for those that needed assistance. He would even defend union personnel to his own detriment. Even at 95, Ray saw his father continue with a driving spirit.

However, despite the number of businesses his father had, Ray saw that he failed at most of them for various reasons. Despite making some bad decisions and occasionally lacking money, his father was his own man. Ray wanted to accomplish something he wasn’t able to with the same drive and determination he showed.

Ray would find work in the financial sector of business management. He would thrive there for over thirty years and witness first-hand economic downturns, major business failures, and contribute to IPO’s and business start-ups’ success. The experience and knowledge would give birth to his podcast, Coach Ray Speaks.

Coach Ray Speaks is a podcast about the survival of small businesses in America. There he discusses the successes and failures of business owners and how they can transform their success into profit. Ray would also author a book titled “8 Secret Business Breakthroughs – How to Create Impactful Performance For Your Business.” The book would become a financial tool of reference for entrepreneurs looking to explore untapped resources within their current business model without spending on marketing or advertising. 

His works in the business management industry didn’t go unnoticed, and Ray became the leading Customer Service expert. His retention and service strategies immediately impacted his clients, and Ray became sought after by businesses around the country. He is recognized as someone who has been in the “trenches” and can apply his techniques to real-world applications.

Ray would later create Impactful Solutions Academy. Impactful Solutions partners with small businesses and uses their tools, resources, and support to find a minimum of 10k in additional revenue without spending on advertising. Ray guarantees every company he consults with that he will return them a minimum of 10k.

Outside of Impactful Solutions, Ray is also a public speaker. He mainly teaches via motivational interviewing techniques how leadership can impact the bottom line of any business. Ray has signature programs like Composure Based Leadership, where he discusses the importance of dealing with demanding customers; Deficiency Based Leadership, where corporate toxicity can be the biggest productivity killer in the workplace; Prevention Based Leadership, where businesses learn to neutralize explosive customer behavior, and Custom Based Leadership, learning how to create brand loyalty systematically.

Despite being already an established name in the United States, Coach Ray hopes to continue speaking and consulting all over the country to help emerging businesses.

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