The Story Box: Unboxing Real & Raw Stories of High-Profile Personalities and Industry Leaders

December 11 03:12 2020
The Story Box: Unboxing Real & Raw Stories of High-Profile Personalities and Industry Leaders

From billionaires to world-renowned entrepreneurs, Olympians, magicians, and more, The Story Box has been up close and personal with high profile personalities and world-class leaders who have taken various industries by storm today. The rising podcast unboxes the raw stories of big names, revealing their secrets and inspiring stories that the public may never have heard before. 

The Story Box is a fast-rising podcast launched in 2020 by the award-winning filmmaker Jay Fantom. The platform unboxes stories of the world’s top performers in different fields and shows the world the stories of success, silent struggles, trials, and tribulations these industry leaders have faced along their journey. Some of the top names who have been featured in the podcast are Tom Bilyeu, Grant Cardone, Bethany Hamilton, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Trent Shelton, Gerard Adams, Joel McHale, Gabby Reece, Byron Katie, Dean Graziosi, Rich Froning, Ally Brooke, Patrick Bet-David, and many more.

The Story Box podcast quickly landed a spot in the Top 15 Podcasts of 2020 for having touched the lives of millions of people from nearly 100 countries all over the world. The podcast, alongside Jay, has also been featured in several publications such as Forbes magazine, Business Insider, the Los Angeles Wire, New York Weekly, and Yahoo.

The brilliant host behind The Story Box is Jarred “Jay” Fantom, a 24-year-old entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and award-winning filmmaker who has explored various industries himself. Even before attaining his remarkable success in the podcast world, Jay has always been passionate about people’s stories. According to Jay, stories have the “innate ability to move nations and persuade people to feel all kinds of emotions.” But to survive life, he first hand had to work countless jobs from being a cleaner, school care assistant, nanny, telemarketer, stockpiler, delivery boy, real estate agent, producer, writer, to even being an award-winning  filmmaker. 

With deep knowledge and experience in a multitude of industries, Jay asks thought-provoking questions that had high-profile personalities such as American author Les Brown say, “Wow, I’ve never been asked that question before.”

For Jay, his podcast was designed to inspire listeners to move forward in life. “I believe the power of the Story Box is its ability to connect, as there is a story for quite literally everybody to listen to and learn from. I didn’t set out to target any one person, culture, or people group, but to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible.” That said, Jay delves into personal topics, including relationships, healing from trauma, overcoming rejections, addictions, forgiveness, and even personal faith. 

The Story Box strives to go beyond the essence of a typical podcast. More than entertaining the listeners, its ultimate mission is to help people realize their worth and show others that many people who made it to the top today also had humble beginnings filled with challenges. “I want to propel listeners forward and give them the tools and resources necessary to improve their lives for the better,” says Jay Fantom. Indeed, The Story Box is more than just a podcast; it is a platform that ignites a massive and positive change in people’s lives. 

To know more about Jay Fantom and The Story Box Podcast, please visit their official website.

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