IJEST’s Lead Researcher Paul Tardner Announces Setting Up Of New Headquarters In Los Angeles, CA

December 11 05:09 2020
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology is coming up with its new headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. The site is focused on environmental sciences and related scientific aspects.

December 10, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – The International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology (IJEST, https://www.ijest.org/) has now set up its new headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. The organization is a top-notch and reputed scientific journal that focuses on publishing material related to environmental sciences and biohacking. The scientific journals are readily available for the wider academic community on this original website. Paul Tardner is the lead researcher and the editor at IJEST and has contributed significantly to setting up this new headquarter.

According to an IJEST spokesperson, “We make sure to provide into the cutting-edge research that is going in the environmental sciences and biotechnology fields. Our scientific site has many published research papers that provide detailed insight into every topic. Our Lead Researcher and current Editor, Paul Tardner, is the main contributor to natural biohacking. He is an alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center. His main focus area is the cognition to enhance human health. Paul has dedicated his life to exploring the potential benefits of nootropics”.

Can Citicoline Cause Depression?

With the global pandemic that lasts for nearly a year, plenty of people started to feel down and some even come close to a suicidal attempt. Citicoline has been widely used as the drug of choice to heightened focus. 

However, as many other brain therapeutical agents, citicoline is used daily on a prolonged period, raising awareness for its potential side effect. Paul published his clinical literature review in August 2020 and found this cognitive enhancer does not cause depression, anxiety, and any other mood disturbance. In fact, in one study by Brown and Gabrielson in 2012, citicoline has potential antidepressant properties. The complete study is available on this page, https://www.ijest.org/citicoline-depression-ptardner-0820/.

Why Publish on IJEST?

At IJEST, the editorial team scrutinizes the research paper well before making it to the site’s research paper category. The passing of the expert review process is mandatory. The goal is to provide scientifically researched and useful research papers that help students, teachers, and scholars alike. 

“By having 20 years of experienced biohacking and biology specialists on board as a lead researcher and editor, we are pleased to provide reputed and authentic journals and research papers only. The idea is to impart nootropics and other related topics that can help human life become easier. This way, the reader can know how a few supplements can work as cognitive enhancers and help with memory functions. We have published many authored and authentic research papers of Paul Tardner that can be read easily on our official site,” the spokesperson further added.

IJEST is on the road to provide the best of journals and research papers related to biotechnology and environmental technology and their innovative uses to enhance human health. All these research papers are from the authentic resources and well-researched work of many researchers like Paul Tardner.

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IJEST (International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology) is the repository for publishing authentic research papers and journals based on scientific researches. It has recently come up with its new headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Their lead researcher and Editor, Paul Tardner, is affiliated with them and has authored many authentic research papers, mainly on biohacking and the benefits of nootropics. More of Paul’s publications are available at https://www.ijest.org/paul-tardner/

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