Hugo Moe Is Taking Over the Dance Scene With Beat Your Feet

December 11 05:15 2020
Hugo Moe Is Taking Over the Dance Scene With Beat Your Feet

There are research articles floating around on the internet, comparing the difficulty of dancing to singing. One particularly noteworthy piece mentioned that singing could be improved over time, while the lack of coordination in dancing is genetic and therefore unfixable in some people. Going by this explanation, saying that dancers are literally born to dance might actually not be too far off the bat. That would make people like Hugo Moe doubly special, as not only do they know how to dance, they excel in it.

When you compare stories of successful people, a prevailing common theme would be that they grew up doing what they love. For Washington, DC-based Hugo Moe, born Maurice Stewart, the kinesthetic awakening came at the young age of six years old, as he watched the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, dominate the entertainment industry. The late star ignited a passion for dance that would keep brightly burning long into adulthood.

In 2012, he would get his first taste of Beat Your Feet, a contemporary dance genre originating from the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, or what the locals refer to as the DMV. Some of his dance buddies first introduced the genre, and he would fall in love with Beat Your Feet that he would later form his own troupe, which came to be known as the Fresh Squad Stunnaz. They would then start a dance competition, which would earn a feature on Disney Channel’s Shake It Up.

That feature paved the way for more opportunities for Hugo Moe, and in 2015, he signed his first contract with R&G Entertainment. The company is headed by Raasan Fuller, who also is the manager of the #1 band in the DMV area, the Backyard Band. Signing with the company meant shows after shows for the dancer, in venues scattered all over the DMV. The Howard Theatre, Echostage, and the Merryweather Pavilion are only some of these venues.

With his shows bringing him to new places, the dancer has been building his presence in various areas, including New Orleans and Miami. Each standing ovation he receives is proof of the DMV-grown dancing skills that he is bringing the nation.

Hugo Moe is determined to keep his small screen momentum and found the perfect opportunity in NBC’s America’s Got Talent. His group’s performance has been featured in the show’s highlight reel, and fans are optimistic that he has already secured his slot on the show. The dancer promises to proudly represent his city and exercise his creativity to put on a performance that will capture the essence of his hometown.

The dancer’s fanbase has steadily been growing since he first graced the entertainment scene with his captivating dance moves. Competing in the AGTs is the boost he needs to keep the momentum going. 

Hugo Moe is taking over the country with Beat Your Feet, and it is only a matter of time until his name is known across the globe. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep up-to-date with his latest activities.

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