The Reason Led Lights Replace Traditional Lamps

December 11 12:06 2020

Now people can see led lights everywhere, In the street, shopping mall, at the factory and office, in the garden and the park… And some led lights have a special function like led grow light which helps plants grow faster and led UV light which has disinfection and sterilization function, Light up a led UV light at home will be safer during the COVID-19 period. people can feel that led lights are all. Why led light replace Incandescent lamps so fast?

First, people must know the difference between Incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, and led lights.

    ● Incandescent lamp

The incandescent lamp also names as Edison bulb, It works by running an electric current through a filament (tungsten, melting at 3,000 degrees Celsius) that generates heat. The spiral keeps the heat concentrated, making the filament cool to a temperature of more than 2,000 degrees Celsius. When incandescent, the filament emits light like glowing red iron.The higher the temperature of the filament, the brighter the light.


Besides, The light color only yellow. And the color of the object under the incandescent lamp is not real enough (Ra is very low). Lifetime is not so long because of Tungsten filament sublimation.

    ● Fluorescent lamp

Its working principle: the fluorescent lamp tube is simply said to be a closed gas discharge tube. The main gas in the tube is argon (argon) gas (which also contains neon or Krypton) at about 0.3% of the atmosphere. It also contains a few drops of silver — forming a tiny vapor of mercury. Mercury atoms make up about one-thousandth of all the atoms of gas.


Fluorescent lamps have the advantages of high luminous efficiency (5 times that of ordinary bulbs), obvious energy-saving effect, long life (8 times that of ordinary bulbs), small size, and convenient use. In addition to white light, there is also warm light. Generally speaking, under the same wattage, an energy-saving lamp is 80% energy-saving than an incandescent lamp, and the average life span is 8 times longer. 5w is equal to 25 watts of incandescent lamps, 7 watts is equal to 40 watts, and 9 watts is approximately equal to 60 watts.

     ● Led lights

LED lights are also called light-emitting diodes. It is a solid-state semiconductor device that emits energy in the form of photons and directly converts electricity into light. This is the principle of LED lighting.

LED lamps have many advantages

1.small size
2.low power consumption
3.long life time
5.environmental protection


LED lamps have gradually developed from outdoor decoration and engineering lighting to household lighting.

Now people can understand why led lights so popular, and replace the traditional lamp so fast. As a led lights supplier, Germany Liper Lighting is a manufacture which professional in the led industry for more than 29 years. From design to production to sales, company provide a one-stop service. Welcome contact for more information.

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