Tool Boxes, a Tacoma Bed Cover, and Beyond: Accessorizing and Customizing a Pickup Truck as Explained by

January 13 22:15 2021
Tool Boxes, a Tacoma Bed Cover, and Beyond: Accessorizing and Customizing a Pickup Truck as Explained by

Based on the latest reports, more than three million pickup trucks were sold in America last year alone. That’s a record in the automotive industry. When one adds that figure to the millions of other trucks sold over the last several years, one will find that pickup truck owners now account for about 60 percent of the nation’s population. Of course, sales are expected to continue on an upward trend during the years to come.

Ramping up a Pickup Truck 

Many people insist that no pickup truck is complete without the right accessories and modifications. Whether the truck is going to be used for off-road adventures, worksite essentials, or simple road trips, having the perfect accouterments in place is sure to ramp up its comfort and functionality. Though one can find out here about all the accessories available to truck owners, we’ll cover some of the basics right now.

Most pickup truck owners remain loyal to a specific manufacturer. This is particularly true of those who swear by Toyota. Although Toyota trucks are perfect right off the showroom floor, countless toys and add-ons are on the market for this specific brand.


No matter what one’s truck purpose may be, a toolbox is the most basic, albeit essential, accessory on the market. Dozens of models are available according to and many other sources. They’re typically made of aluminum, fiberglass, or composite materials. While standard in-set versions are popular, those designed to be installed in the bed over the wheel well are gaining steam as well. If one wants to take matters even further, one could replace the factory bed with a utility bed.

Bed Covers

Companies like Peragon offer a range of bed covers for Toyota trucks. These accessories provide numerous benefits. For one, they greatly increase the storage space in the bed of the truck. They help protect items in the bed from exposure to the elements as well. Locking bed covers also safeguard items against theft and vandalism. If needed, they can be removed for hauling extremely bulky loads.

Customized Floor Mats

Floor mats are a dime a dozen. They’re available through virtually any store or website that sells automotive parts and maintenance products. Not all of them are created equal, though. Customized floor mats add an extra layer of protection against mud, moisture, and other hazards. As noted in the recent article, “Toyota’s Tacoma Pickup Takes On All Comers,” all truck owners can benefit from equipping their pickups with this accessory.

Owning a pickup truck brings about numerous considerations. Keeping up with routine maintenance is essential for ensuring the truck serves one well for decades to come. Taking care to avoid pushing the truck beyond its limits also fosters longevity.

While those measures are essential, getting the right accessories for one’s truck can increase its functionality, comfort, and appearance. One’s needs will vary based on what one typically uses the truck for. Regardless, one has ample options to choose from, and deciding which ones to add to the mix is half the fun of owning a pickup.

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