DIY Bubble Wall Art by Midwest Tropical

August 24 14:04 2021

Bubble Wall Art retains excellent acceptance by urban landscapers and interior decorators, which have used them in different forms, creating attractive DIY Bubble Wall Art. We have always looked for the relaxing effect in them, and that is why we can find Bubble Wall Art decorating interiors of various kinds such as offices, shopping centers, and even our own homes. At Midwest Tropical, let us help you with a DIY Bubble Wall Art promising excellent results. 

How to do a DIY Bubble Wall Art 

The Bubble Wall Art is a versatile product that is valid for indoor decorative sources. Thanks to its silent operation and water feature due to its high wind resistance. It is an easily installable kit and ideal for decorating interiors and vertical gardens. The water jets can slide in a sheet on different surfaces such as glass (allowing the projection of images), a natural stone wall, wood, and others.

Quick and easy DIY Bubble Wall Art

Starting with a 4mm wide plastic strip in the form of a sheet is attached to the bubble wall. And by the effect of gravity, a drop of water runs from its outlet to the glass. Said drop is at all times sliding through the glass sheet, even placing it at an inclination of 15 degrees without the drop falling. A counterweight is placed at the end of the sheet so that the thread is attached at all times.

Bubble Wall Art for swimming pools is ideal for outdoor or indoor areas, thanks to their harmonious and relaxing sound. It is an easily installable and maintenance-friendly waterfall that, thanks to its design, produces an artificial waterfall that will add style to any pool by giving it a luxurious touch.

The Bubble Wall Art improves the environment for homes or work environments, either in order to achieve a relaxing environment for each of the workers due to their relaxing sound or a beautiful hall as a spectacular waiting room. The water wall carries a unique charm due to the relaxing effect, the incomparable visual aspect they provide to the rooms, and the perennial stream of liquid are the best in winning all the eyes and the interest of those who visualize them.

Why buy a Bubble Wall Art at Midwest Tropical

Buying Bubble Wall Art will provide, in addition to beauty, a lot of tranquility that they carry with them this type of natural sound and, in turn, appreciating the show with its lights. They reduce environmental noise, which is generally higher for offices and more when heavily trafficked or in a home close to noisy airports or highways.

At Midwest Tropical, our extensive designs and range of Bubble Wall Art offer to fully customize the decoration to your liking since their touch is unique because each person adds their own best style. This way, achieve an environment adapted exclusively for your business or home, depending on each space and the decorative points you want to earn.

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