Economic Improvements and Competitive Market Lead to Home Updates Like Hardwood Floors

August 24 14:34 2021

With steady improvement in the economy, the housing market is continuing to be a competitive one. Right now, people looking to sell are making impressive returns on their original investments. One of the ways homeowners are responding is to do renovations to increase the market value of their homes—especially anyone considering selling while prices are still high. There is currently a high demand for homes, a trend that is likely to continue for quite some time.

During the beginning stages of the pandemic, there was an increase in the DYI style renovations and home improvements. However, that trend has started to fall off as people return to working more regular hours and at the office, and there has been a return to homeowners looking to increase the bottom line sale price. Though some things can that are small and easy can be handled by homeowners without help, they are returning to bringing in professionals for more extensive and more critical jobs.

One of the investments that can make a big difference is choosing to go with all hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring never goes out of fashion, and consistently realtors say that buyers show more interest in hardwood flooring across the board.

Hardwood floors can raise the sale price of a home from about three to five percent. Because hardwood floors are designed to last, it’s one of the safer significant investments that can be made.

“If they are appropriately taken care of, hardwood floors have been known to last for well over a hundred years. It’s an excellent early investment to make in a home because ten years down the road if someone wants to sell, they won’t need to do a full flooring overhaul. Instead, they will just need to have those floors refinished, which can be done at a fraction of the cost.” Said a spokesperson for Hardwood Flooring Toronto.

One of the things experts say should be considered when deciding on a hardwood floor is the overall design. They recommend not picking anything too different or trendy as those things change rapidly with the times. What is popular today may be considered outdated and unappealing next year.  Instead, they recommend a classic look, which has stayed consistent surviving the different trends and fashions. 

Neutral colors are also highly recommended by professionals when homeowners consider new flooring. Anything too dark or too bright can detract from the appeal that hardwood floors bring. In addition, hardwood floors have a timelessness that people are attracted to when shopping for their next home.

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