CENGCEN Pet Camera – The Best Budget Smart Pet Camera

August 24 19:57 2021

Pet owners are always worried about if everything goes well when the pet is at home alone? For the smart pet option, they’ve got to go with the Petcube or Furbo, which literally costs a lot for a pet camera.

Recently, CENGCEN has launched the best budget pet-specific camera on Amazon. Only $99.99, CENGCEN dog camera can keep an eye on fur kids any time through top three features: intelligent App control with 5G connection, 130° field of view treat tossing, and two-way real-time audio. CENGCEN is dedicated to amazing functions to breaking disconnection and recording wonderful moments for the pets.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092DDLZTV

Provided with 1080P wide-angle shots, CENGCEN can trace anytime what the pet is doing. The camera will auto switch to the night vision mode while the night is approaching. Also, treat tossing is pretty easy with a simple click on the phone, and the snack will shot off smoothly, such an immersive way to play with the pets. People can place the device either on the table or on the wall, and the screen will automatically adjust to the optimal angle of view to ensure the pets are at the center of the view. The 5G network configuration allows people to call their pets over the room.

The Bottom Line: CENGCEN covers all the features their competitors have with a reasonable budget (10% coupon now). Please check it and connect it with your kids.

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B092DDLZTV

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