X Workbox Proves Hands-On Learning Can Be Fun with STEM Projects for Kids

August 24 21:03 2021
This innovative company aims to engage kids in the real world and empower their inner innovators without having too much screen time.

There is no denying that children are learning from technology at a very young age. Hand a toddler a smartphone, chances are he or she can figure out how to use it in no time. Yes, that is amazing and can come in handy when the toddler grows up, but it also has drawbacks. Children exposed to computers or smart gadgets at a young age tend to have too much screen time, and this negatively affects their health and development. They also become too dependent on it for entertainment that they do not find real toys and games as entertaining as the ones they play on their gadgets.

To help children enjoy learning away from the screen and without much dependence on gadgets and the internet, the talented team of engineers, scientists, and creators from X Workbox (xworkbox.com) bring to market exciting and educational hands-on STEM projects through its website and major e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy. X Workbox is a company that produces do-it-yourself STEM projects that help children exercise their power of creative genius using the real stuff.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. X Workbox’s do-it-yourself STEM projects aim to expand children’s horizons, have more fun, and empower the next generation of innovators through hands-on learning.

“We want to empower the creativity and ingenuity in our children without adding to their screen time,” said the X Workbox representative. “Our STEM projects are designed to help them learn new things off-screen. We want them to discover that there is so much fun and learning outside of their computers, tablets, and smartphones.”

Through its do-it-yourself STEM projects, X Workbox hopes to foster creativity and ingenuity among children. STEM projects teach children to be patient, hardworking, and resilient while working on their projects. The projects encourage children to test their knowledge in technology by applying what they know to make their projects work. They also teach children patience, problem-solving, and adapting to the changes while working on their projects.

With its enticing STEM projects, X Workbox helps parents and educators limit the children’s screen time by working on real projects instead of virtual ones that they can download online. Giving children STEM projects to work on trains them to become more curious and experimental in trying out different things. It also wakes up the innovators in them and helps them as they grow up.

X Workbox works with schools and other learning groups to help reach more children and help them learn away from the screen. It offers do-it-yourself STEM projects via subscription boxes and project boxes which are on their website (xworkbox.com).

About X Workbox

Based in Rockville MD, X Workbox is a team of engineers, scientists, and creators with a passion for teaching and helping children of all ages realize their fullest potential. The company develops do-it-yourself STEM projects that encourage children to use their creativity and intellect to become future innovators.

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