Mold Experts of Baton Rouge Announces Their Mold Removal Services Has Improved To Promote Healthier Living

August 25 01:38 2021
Fred Derswhin and his team at Mold Experts of Baton Rouge are stepping up the game by introducing better mold removal techniques to eliminate molds from residential and commercial properties

Baton Rouge, LA – Mold in the home or office can lead to dangerous consequences. That’s why every home needs the help of an experienced mold removal company to keep their home safe and improve air quality.

Mold Experts of Baton Rouge is proud to announce that their residential and commercial mold removal services are now better than ever before. The company offers a complete and professional service that ensures the total elimination of mold from any building.

Either the client wants mold inspection done in a new property, do full mold testing for a home or office, or eradicate mold, they have everything it takes to carry out an excellent job. Mold Experts of Baton Rouge have been around for years, and they understand how to handle mold issues in any property, no matter the size of the building or the specific needs it requires.

CEO of Mold Experts of Baton Rouge – Fred Derswhin, said “Having mold in your home is not only unsightly, but it’s also unsafe. So get it taken care of. If you need mold removal done in your home, there’s no one better to call than the Experts.”

Molds in the home can lead to serious health issues, with reports of people getting hospitalized after contact. Some people also suffer skin rashes, red eyes, and severe allergic reactions. When there is mold in the home, it can quickly get to the kitchen and cause food poisoning. Mold is bad for adults, terrible for kids, and worst for pets.

Getting rid of mold with DIY is not advisable because they multiply very fast and can avoid detection by hiding in certain corners. Hiring a professional mold removal and remedial service like Mold Experts of Baton Rouge remains the best option.

Mold Experts of Baton Rouge uses high-quality and modern equipment to test the home, track down the molds wherever they may be hiding, and eliminate them. They also use eco-friendly materials and cleaning agents that don’t leave any chemical trails after cleaning, making the home safe for everyone, including pets and children. Clients can contact their customer service at any time to ask questions on any issues they may have.

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About Mold Experts of Baton Rouge

Mold Experts of Baton Rouge is a professional mold removal service based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They help residential and commercial property owners test their buildings for molds, track them down, and ultimately eliminate them to ensure good air quality and healthy living.

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