Kilo Health, leading digital health company, invests 2 million euros in health tech startups

August 26 02:15 2021

Kilo Health, one of the leading digital businesses in the health and wellness industry, has invested 2 million euros in health tech startups RevolabTyler, and Medical Score. By investing in prospective startups, Kilo Health adds fuel to the rapidly emerging digital health industry.

The funds invested will be used to develop patient-oriented digital health products in the fields of telemedicine, at-home blood testing, and glucose monitoring, all within the scope of AI-based digital health platforms.

Tadas Burgaila, CEO of Kilo Health, says that all three companies are highly motivated and house professional teams that meet the company’s main criteria to invest.

Modernization of healthcare

According to Burgaila, when it comes to health services, even the world’s most advanced countries are ill-equipped to meet the needs of people living in 2021. 

“All areas of life are operating at a faster pace, so receiving medical help should not be an exception. People should not be delaying doctor’s visits because of a clunky registration process or lack of time. If they do, they end up incorrectly self-diagnosing and putting themselves at greater risk. Why not use our technology to fix this?” – says Burgaila.

The Medical Score team is determined to overcome the challenge of accurately and rapidly diagnosing a patient without direct doctor contact by launching an AI-based app. The app analyzes Medical Score’s comprehensive database of diseases, medical guidelines, and the patient’s tracked health parameters, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and so on, to correctly diagnose a given set of symptoms.

The active success of Medical Score has recently landed it among the 10 most promising startups to watch in 2021, and according to Medical Score CEO Domas Pleškus, this is only the beginning. “When you put people’s needs first, assemble a good team and work hard, you start seeing results. We want to improve lives, and we’re going to deliver on that.”

At-home blood tests

Revolab, a health tech startup developing at-home blood test services, will use the Kilo Health investment for product development and expansion into the EU and US markets.  

Revolab users will be able to order a desired blood, urine, or saliva test with just a few clicks on their mobile phone. The necessary special equipment will then be shipped right to their doorstep, allowing them to quickly and easily take their test with the privacy of their own home. The collected samples are then handed over to a courier at the user’s convenience and transported to an accredited laboratory for testing. The results are immediately made available via the app.

Revolab services include an at-home COVID-19 PCR test, as well as antibody testing and a variety of other blood tests. Options to monitor changes in cholesterol and diabetes readings, thyroid, hormone, STD, vitamin D, iron, electrolyte, vitamin B12, and other essential tests are also available. The app can presently be found on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Glucose monitoring breakthrough

Tyler is a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) and app that measures the body’s metabolism 24/7 by checking real-time blood glucose levels and documenting the body’s responses to food and physical activity.

The collected sensor data aids in preparing suggestions on nutrition, sports, or sleep habits, allowing individuals to understand how each factor impacts their metabolism and what actions to take to enjoy their life to the fullest.

According to Ignas Survila, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tyler, “There are many different calorie monitoring programs on the current diet market, yet most lack effectiveness. Due to being universal and not possessing the ability to assess each client’s unique metabolism, most calorie monitoring programs do not work.” 

Survila is convinced that the technology developed by Tyler will change people’s attitudes toward health over the next decade.

Kilo Health’s investment will allow Tyler to produce 1,000 glucose monitors, accelerate the necessary software development and contribute to further research. A trial version of the monitor and app is expected later this year.

About Kilo Health

Kilo Health is one of the leading digital health and wellness companies globally, not only attracting talents to join its fast-growing team but also co-founding and accelerating start-ups in a rapidly growing digital health industry.

With 4+ million paying users worldwide (the majority in the United States), strong technology, and a digital marketing platform, Kilo Health provides unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurial talents and visionaries to build digital health products of the future.

Kilo Health was founded to design the most engaging and effective digital lifestyle interventions that lead to a healthier life by preventing, managing, or treating various health conditions.

Continuously seeking new opportunities, co-founding, and accelerating prospective next-gen products, Kilo Health has grown from 7 to 500 bright talents in three years and aims to become the most loved digital health and wellness product suite globally.

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