Both Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum Can be Addressed with Reconstructive Surgery

August 25 22:26 2021

Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum are both congenital malformations of the chest wall and can affect both men and women.  Both can make individuals that suffer from either malady significantly self-conscious about their appearance, as one side of the chest wall is more concave than the other.  This does give a rather lopsided look in personal appearance, especially when wearing form-fitting clothing or during swimming when briefs and bathing suits become wet. 

Women can also find that Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum can cause one Gynaecomastia to be larger and more prominent than the other and this does compel women to try and enlarge the smaller Gynaecomastia either via an implant or with fat grafting.  Poland Syndrome is more common in men and can be more severe in men, needed an implant if the chest is indeed extremely concave.  Reconstructive surgery in severe cases is the only option for relief but the type of surgery depends on the severity.  Symptoms and disfigurements can include webbing of fingers which are present at birth and rib cage deformities that may appear after adolescence. 

Pectus Excavatum is similar to Poland Syndrome in the appearance of a sunken chest.  However, unlike Poland Syndrome where the deformity is caused by a pectoralis muscle that has not sufficiently matured, Pectus Excavatum involves the rib cage and chest wall growing inward causing the sunken chest look.  Both can be alleviated by reconstructive surgery but need an aesthetic surgery centerthat is skilled in both procedures.  Antiaging Group, Barcelona, is a specialized practice that does provide the most recent reconstructive surgery and other surgeries that can alleviate cases of Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum

Much consultation and consideration must go into each case of Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum before any reconstructive surgery is started.  There are many ways in which to improve both these ailments, from implants to fat grafting, to flaps that pull the skin from the armpit to the chest wall.  None of this surgery is without risk however and should only be done via a specialized center such as Antiaging Group, Barcelona.  There is no room for error in either of these disfiguring ailments.  The most minimally invasive options are discussed first by the medical specialists at Antiaging Group, Barcelona, with 3-D modeling used by the group before any implants are constructed to ensure the right size and shape. 

There is no need to suffer for a lifetime with either Poland Syndrome or Pectus Excavatum, when Antiaging Group Barcelona can assist with reconstructive surgeries, either major or minor that can improve the look of each individual both male and female.  Suffering can be relieved but only the best specialists should be chosen for these surgical relief options.  Proceeding with caution is advised in any major reconstructive surgery.  Choice of the surgery center and the provider is crucial.  Antiaging Group Barcelona with its stellar reputation is a great choice for Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum relief.

About Antiaging Group Barcelona

Located in Barcelona this specialized center for Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum reconstructive surgery is world-renowned and accepts international clientele.  There is a form for quick contact, and an email and phone, and thorough explanations of the procedures and causes exist on the website.  The first consultation is absolutely free, and procedures range from minimally invasive to total reconstructive surgeries.   An FAQ can assist individual sufferers in learning of their options when needing relief from these conditions. 

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