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August 26 03:03 2021

Digital Brandz, LLC is a marketing firm headquartered in Atlanta Ga. This firm is co-owned by two ambitious businessmen, Jacoby Mondy & Michael, both skilled with backgrounds in sales, marketing, and cognitive psychology.

Since the two marketing experts launched Digital Brandz they have been making a name for themselves. They have helped transform some small brands into major brands and helped rejuvenate some struggling businesses thanks to their marketing genius skills.

A business branding has become more important than ever thanks to the Covid pandemic. Everyone is out to attract as many customers as they can in order to survive one of the biggest financial crises in recent years.

Many people may believe that branding is just a logo, but it is more than that Branding is about the entire identity of a business. With so much competition out there, businesses no matter what size they are needed to go the extra mile and they need to work on their branding and ensure their branding stands out.

With the right branding, and with the right team behind that branding, a business no matter what size it is can stand out and take control of how people perceive their business and beat their competition.

One of the major players on the branding market is Digital Brandz, LLC. We wanted to find out more about the company and the people behind the marketing company that has transformed many businesses, so we sat down with one of the founders Jacoby Mondy. This is what he had to say.


You run a marketing firm called Digital Brandz, LLC with your partner Michael, why did you both decide to set up the business?

Micheal had his own web design company, the name of it was pro live design. I came in and decided to change it to digital brandz. I was looking to start an online business and noticed there were no resources out there. So, after months of struggling looking up how to and DIY videos I had a bright out idea to become the solution to this problem. So digitalbrandz was born.

There are thousands of marketing companies out there, so why is your company different from all the others?

As a branding company, it’s our job to figure out how to make our clients stand out so you know we have a few tricks up our sleeve when it comes to standing out.

I’m going to list off a few things we do. We offer business consulting and mentorship for beginners, we offer funding for visionaries without income, we offer eBooks and vendor guides, we offer in-house tools that increase sales. Most importantly we made our services affordable to be able to serve our community.

So, what services do you offer?

Social Media marketing, In house Financing, Full-stack marketing, web development, and rebranding packages.

And how can people benefit from using your services?

People benefit from our services typically because they come to us for web development but usually leave from the experience well informed and educated on how to make 6 figures in their first year in business.

How did you and Michael meet, and why did you both decide to go into business together?

We met from a mutual friend. A funny story is I was at his house with his business partner and his business partner told me I could chill in the other room. His business partner was out of town. And while I was sitting on his bed playing the game Micheal walks in with a girl and sees me sitting on his bed lol from there we connected lol.

You both have many skills, but how do they both complement each other?

I’m a firm believer in this formula called SWOT which means strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Most of my weaknesses like the technical side he has, and his weakness of scaling is my strength. So, while he made us look fancy, I showed the world how fancy we are.

You have previously mentioned that you had setbacks when starting your business, can you share them with me?

Most of our setbacks came from lack of trust early in our business, we both had moments of paranoia where one person felt like a slave to the other. I would feel like I’m working for him as his employee instead of a business partner and he would feel like he worked for me as the lonely computer nerd. So, when it’s confused at the root it makes it hard to grow. He was watering the business enough and I was giving the business enough sunlight. All because of lack of communication. So, my advice to any business owner who has a partner. Rule 1 remember you are in this together. Rule 2: don’t step over dollars trying to pick up pennies. Rule 3 Never get a partner who thinks like you. One of you has to be optimistic, overly ready to go, and the other one has to be the more reserved and calculated partner. The Ying and yang are a must!

So how did you overcome your setbacks?

We had to have weekly meetings and set hours so we both could communicate. We were on the same page, we even moved in together to really lock things in. So, all of our income became joint.

What is the one most important lesson you have learnt from setting up Digital Brandz?

The most important thing I learned from setting up Digital Brandz, wow that’s a hard question. But I’ll give you one of the most important things I learned. If you help enough people get what they want, then by default you get what you want.

Can you remember the first customer you had, and how you felt?

Our first big clients were @drayamichille @Iamminglee then @premadonna at this time I felt like a conceited nobody, a popular stranger basically I felt like pretty soon I would flood the market. Which we did.

So, lets look at your service more closely. Let’s imagine that a person has just set up a magazine site. They come to you with a limited budget, how could you help them?

Ok, limited budgets are usually the biggest hurdle as I mentioned earlier, so before I do you a disservice and offer you my bare minimums, I would first try to get you qualified for more income so we can really get to work! But let’s say funding doesn’t work.

I would then take you through my method call 1111 method. I would have you do research on 11 magazine brands and then jot down the top 11 things you liked from the brand.

Because a good marketer knows you do not reinvent the wheel. You find leaders in your industry, and you model your business off of what’s working. Then you come up with ONE thing that makes you unique. So, my first step would be making you more educated. After education then come compensation. I would say focus on social media, provide value to your followers as much as possible with my engagement formula (educate, inspire, and entertain) make sure you have a signup link in your bio that gives out more tea to get subscribers up. Then I would suggest you do a giveaway. Find something in your business that has high perceived value. Offer it in exchange for followers and shoutouts. Then once you get awareness, I would say hire a virtual assistant and have them reach out to other blogs for paid promotion to get your name out there. Anything else you would have to sign up for my course lol.

You have helped many people become a success, but what would you say your biggest achievement has been?

My biggest achievement in business has been seeing so many 6 and 7 figure clients marketed and branded by digital brandz.

With the COVID pandemic, would you say that now is a good time to start a business or a bad time?

The saying goes the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second-best time is now. Digital real estate is just as important as physical real estate, so the answer is yes, it’s no better time.

Starting a new business can be very risky and soul destroying. In the first year of business in the USA 20% fail and about 50% fail within the first five years, why do you think that is?

They usually fail because of lack of knowledge or lack of belief. They haven’t tapped into the power of their subconscious mind to know anything they put their mind to. Like some people are scared to borrow money because they say (What if my business fails and I can’t pay it back?) What they don’t realize is when they say stuff like that, they are already preparing their mind for failure. And how bad they repeat things like that over and over again which slowly kills their business. Another one is being cheap with trying to grow their business. I’ve never understood how you grow a business to get people to spend money with you but won’t invest into your business.


So, what can people do to beat the odds of failure and succeed?

They have to follow people who are successful at what they are trying to do, and either serve their way to success (interning) or pay their way to success (course and mentorships)

If you could go back in time and start your business again, what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t do anything differently because that might affect who I am today. And I’m honestly proud of myself. I’m good, my momma good lifes great.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting their own business?

The advice I would give is (Fail often, fail fast but fail forward.)  It’s no such thing as fear btw how can you be afraid of something that hasn’t even happen yet. Stop letting the boogy man stop you fro getting rich. All you have to do is cut on the light and you will see that you run the room.

And finally, what does the future hold for Digital Brandz?

Digital Brandz will become the largest marketing agency in the world. Period.

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